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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Diffused light

Mjonas Tealight Holders

I want to start this post by thanking each and every person who has taken a few moments out of their day to visit me here at Annie's Place. Your presence here is appreciated, and it pleases me no end to know you have enjoyed my first few posts! x x 

I spoke briefly in my previous post about my love of Autumn, and how I feel right at home during those months when the days are shorter, and there's an opportunity to hunker down, take shelter and settle in your own space.  I love home, I love the simple things.  As a crafter though, it's not the ideal time of year as you really do need plenty of natural light in order to create effectively.  I'm sure all you yarn crafters will agree, it's difficult crocheting or choosing colours for your projects when light is limited. So I try and cram in as much hooky time when the light's good, and if I do work in the evening I sit right under my standing lamp.

The rest of the time however, I generally prefer candle-light.  The sun normally sets at around 4pm here in the east of England, so out come the tealight holders, and on go the string lights.  It's another one of those simple things that can instantly change the atmosphere of a room.  Whether it's white light or coloured light, no matter, it creates an ambience that is warm and relaxed.  One of my favourite online retailers for lights is Blaze On, I've bought romantic roses for myself and rainbow lanterns for both my sister and my mum, and because they're LED, they last years and are safe to use.  I really would like some colourful ambient balls next, maybe Santa will oblige ;)
Romantic Rose LED Lights
These lights are so versatile, you can wrap them around your bed frame, drape them across a fire place (see pic in side bar), hang them vertically down a bookcase or along a window ledge. Whatever you decide it's sure to create the right mood.  

As far as tealight holders go, I think the Mjonas tealight holders from Ikea are great.  I managed to pick up a few when they were discounted to £1.99 each.  I do love a bargain :)  I decided to take just 3 home with me, pink, green & blue.  The diffused light they produce is wonderful....
Mjonas Tealight Holders


  1. I love the tealights...what a bargain! I'm not a big fan of Autumn myself, it's too close to Winter for my liking! I love everything about Spring...blue skies, new grass, flowers starting to bloom...lovely :)

  2. I do love the cosiness and colours of Autumn! What I don't love is that here in Belgium Autumn comes with a LOT of grey yucky wheather with cold rain and skies that don't clear up for days - and now that I've taken a peek at Blaze On I can't believe I've been surviving all this time without Fairy lights! ;-)

  3. Happy to join you in your beautiful coloured and vibrant world of lovely crochet!

  4. Wow!!!!!!!! Your work looks amazing. Looking forward to reading your future posts.

  5. I am so pleased I have discovered your blog as I am admirer of your work on flikr. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. Wow!! Your work is stunning! Please keep blogging! You're in my favorites now! lol

  7. Parabens Annie

    Descobri seu blog e fiquei encantada com tantas coisas lindas.
    Adoro trabalhos com cor e muita luz.
    Já estou seguindo o seu trabalho.
    Continue nos mostrando coisas lindas.


  8. I am loving your blog, not a blogger myself, but do read quite a few. I have you in my favourites, now too. Looking forward to more colourful posts in the future.
    Patricia B.

  9. Hello from California, I just joined your follower list! Your blog looks super! Love all your crochet.
    I know what you mean about having good lighting when you're working. Right now I'm finishing a blanket with black wool around each square, and it's so hard to see! I try to sit right near the window for the best light.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Hello, nice to meet you. I'm fairly new to blogging, love autumn, crocheting and live near River Ouse - doubt not the bit you refer to but nevertheless some things in common. Love all your colourful work in your pictures, really beautiful xx

  11. Just found you through Facebook and it's a lovely blog. Your work is gorgeous and I shall definitely be coming back. I love your photos too, you are much better at them than I am. One of these days I would love to write a crochet blog too but no time at all at the present.
    Have a good weekend
    (from PollyKrafts)

  12. I've just found your blog and it is truly beautiful. I'll definitely be following. Your crochet and photos are gorgeous xx

  13. This post is right up my street, I love burning candles and having fairy lights on. I've seen those holders in Ikea before, I never imagined they'd light up as beautifully as they do - next time I visit I might have to get one or two if they're still in :)

  14. Hello, I have just found your blog through meme-rose's post. Really love your first few post, you have a lovely style of writing and take great photographs. Looking forward to visiting and finding out more about your crochet adventures! X

  15. Lilli, Nanita, Sandra, JaBCreations, Irene, Kate, Miuda Locas, Lynne, Sam, Polly, Chel C, Nicole, & Hannah. I really enjoyed reading all your lovely comments x x


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