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Thursday 4 April 2013

A breath of fresh air......

Hello friends, do you ever get those moments when you want to scream 'Stop the world, I want to get off'? When everything around you seems to be moving at a hundred miles per hour, but in reality it's all just a state of mind? Well it's been a bit like that round these parts lately. I feel like I'm mentally moving at high speed, but physically can't keep up? I need to take a 'chill pill', as my friend Claire would say.

So what's a girl to do? Well, first up I thought a bit of much needed exercise wouldn't go amiss. Despite it  still being decidedly nippy outside, and there being zero motivation to leave the comfy confines of my humble abode, I made the effort. The idea was to take a short drive out into the countryside, stop somewhere pretty and take a walk. So with camera in hand, I braved the icy chill, and believe me it was f-f-f-freezing. The wind was howling! Why I bothered to brush my hair before leaving out I don't know. Let's just say I looked a little Worzel Gummidge by the time I got back.

It was well worth it though as I really felt the benefits afterwards, not to mention capturing some rather lovely piccies on route. All photos were taken only a few miles from home, but I can tell you I felt a million miles away. The temptation to stop in at the first watering hole was overwhelming though. A cosy corner in front of a roaring fire was very enticing, however I did not succumb. My plan was to make the most of the blue skies and sunshine while it lasted, so I dare not deviate and waste the opportunity.

I really felt I freed my mind of all the clutter on my wee meander, and once my little legs were thoroughly exhausted I made my way home. And what was the first thing on the agenda upon my return? Yes, you guessed it, a nice cup of 'Rosie Lee' (tea), served up in one of my lovely fine bone china cups, and some crochet of course. 

Just the ticket! 
x x x 


  1. Isn't it great when you get out into the fresh air and blow the cobwebs out? We went for a lovely stroll around a local town yesterday as both my husband and the children had a bit of cabin fever. We all felt blustered and chilly afterwards but theres nothing like coming back to a warm home afterwards. People underestimate the power of fresh air!

    I love that little crochet square, so delicate and the white edge sets the blue off perfectly.


  2. I know the feeling, I have two girls at home driving each other mad at and we had to have a 'get-out-of-the-house-moment' too. Lovely photographs. Jo xx


  3. What beautiful photos. Amazing how much better a breath of fresh air can make you feel :-) And i love the fact that your crochet matches your cup and saucer. Perfect!


  4. Brrrrr - well done for getting out there - worth it for those lovely pics. Nothing like a bit of exercise to clear the mind though - I could do with a hundred mile hike! Jane x

  5. Glad you are feeling better, life gets us all in a funk every now and again. Your walk looked beautiful.
    hugs to you,

  6. Very good idea to benefit your body with some exercise and your spirit with the beauty of nature. It's wonderful and energizing.
    Love the crochet ... What could you be planning now ? A blanket ? A cushion ? Either way it already looks great :)

  7. Lovely photos of your walk, I can imagine you being blown along. Every time I come back with Mr Teenager after one of our walks lately my hubby just looks at us as we come in the door and says 'oh dear!'. We do look a state! Good job no one takes photos of me! A good walk with great scenery always put's your life in perspective doesn't it?! Take care. Chel x

  8. Sounds a lovely way to blow the cobwebs away I think I shall give it a try I could do with a bit of fresh air and me time- life has been very busy - thank you for sharing x

  9. Hi Sharron, missed you a bit. I feel overwhelmed most of the time. Where did you go on your walk? Oakley, Turvey, Felmersham?? Glad it helped you feel better, and I hope you stay like that, love your new blog banner, Sam xxx

  10. Hi,

    Ohhhhhh, wie schön . Irgendwann schaff ich das mal nach Englang. Die Landschaften sind wahnsinnig toll. Ich liebe es.
    Du hast super Bilder gemacht .

    Ganz liebe Grüsse

  11. Your photos are gorgeous I love the blog and it's lay out hope you don't mind me adding you to my favourite blog list :)

  12. Home-coming looked great, and it's true the great out-doors really blows out the cobwebs! like the blue and white, Heather x

  13. Hello! This is a truly wonderful blog and I am curious as to what method you use to attach your squares. Is there a post on this subject on your blog? Thanks! Nickie

  14. Lol - I came home looking myself a bit like that yesterday after my crazy "I must go ride my bike"-urge! You live in such a pretty place, I couldn't help but imagining some happy summer hooky time by that riverside :-) xxxx

  15. A good walk is always the best for clearing your head. Lovely shots of the countryside! xx

  16. Beautiful photos, especially the last one. Life can be a bit too full-on sometimes, can't it - it's good to take a step back and breathe :)

  17. The blue coaster looks divine with the Blue/white china ♥

  18. Your photos and your aesthetic style are wonderful! I agree with all of the above comments... including curiosity as to how you join your squares?

    Katie Jo

  19. Hello again lovely Sharron - what an interesting post - I think you did the best possible thing in getting out there amongst nature and 'breathing deeply'! I love your water pics and beautiful crochet square with cup and saucer; the addition of the pretty flower just balances that pic perfectly! I wanted to mention also that your new 'header' is delightful and stylish - what a great job you're doing! Well done! Joy x

  20. What lovely pictures, thanks for sharing! And you just made me decide to use my fine china for tea instead of the usual mug! Like you say..... simple pleasures!

  21. I am loving this blog ... working on a cornucopia blanket at the mo!!! Some of your piccies look familiar ... are you in The Fens by any chance? xx

  22. Shaaron!!!! Happy Spring!!!! I love the new pattern, love the navy you decided to put in the end. It does really enhance the colours and make them pop. So beautiful! so inspiring...now I have way to many projects I want to start.xx


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