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Sunday, 12 January 2014


Dull, dull, dull. What a grey day it has turned out to be. The sunshine that greeted me this morning upon lifting the blind in my bedroom, has now disappeared to leave the world outside once more shrouded in darkness. Some might say it's the perfect weather for a lazy Sunday indoors, and I agree. 

After the essential chores have been done, I plan on planting myself firmly on the sofa with a basket of yarn to hook up some more colourful circles in squares, to add to the handful already crocheted up over recent days. 

The gorgeous blooms that sit upon my window ledge today are inspiration enough. The amazing deep purple and zingy green of these floral beauties has given me a thirst to create something bursting with the same vibrant colour. Surrounding yourself with colour is so important at this time of year. It really does help to stave off those January blues. 

I took another trip to Cambridge before Christmas, to have a mooch around the shops. I love to go to places where there's an abundance of smaller independent retailers. Somewhere to find unique gifts you wouldn't generally find elsewhere. 

The intention was to only buy for other people (honestly), but when I spotted a rather jazzy looking snood wrapped around the neck of a mannequin, in the window of a little shop called Mayhem on Sidney Street, I just knew the temptation to treat myself would be hard to contain. 

I was instantly drawn to it's multicoloured loveliness. This 5ft tubular scarf was a steal at just £12.95. I couldn't believe my luck. It was worth the trip just for that, and my sister kindly gifted me a lovely pair of red gloves for Christmas, so I'm well set up for the cold snap that's upon us now.

It may only be 12 days into the new year, but I'm already feeling optimistic that 2014 will be a good one. I'm really looking forward to all the sporting action coming up, from the Winter Olympics to the Commonwealth Games. Closer to home we have a wonderful river festival to get excited about in July. I do hope the weather is kind to us again this year.

I can't thank you enough for the messages of support and comments received recently. I appreciate you all, and will be back soon with some crafty updates.

x x x x x x 


  1. Вы создаете удивительно красивые вещи!

  2. Very pretty flowers and great scarf, would love to find a similar wool to crochet one myself...:) Love your blog and all your granny squares, btw! ;)

  3. Hello Sharron
    Lovely pictures, hope you enjoyed your sofa day, and I agree, the scarf was a brilliant buy !
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

  4. What a great way to spend your time while it's dreary out and our flowers are gorgeous!! Love your new scarf...at first I thought you made it but I would have bought it too for that great price!
    xx Shari

  5. Great idea for a gray day: surround yourself with color. And such beautiful inspiration! Enjoy :-)

  6. Love the colours of your snood, just what we need to brighten the gloom.

  7. Really enjoyed looking back at your colouful pictures. It is good to feel excited about the future. Jo x

  8. I love Mayhem, it's got some really interesting stuff in there. I'm a little freaked as on monday this week I took a trip to Cambridge with family before kids went back to school and i saw a woman wearing this same cowl. It stuck in my mind as it looked so good and I wondered if it was hand made or not. Well, there we are... Sam xx

  9. Love the snood and the beautiful crochet. Hope you had a relaxing day crocheting away.

  10. Lovely scarf and a great buy Sharron and it looks really soft too! I hope you had a relaxing day with your crochet. Lovely pictures as always. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  11. I love that scarf too! It is tempting to try to make one ;-) And I am loving your crochet blanket too...so lovely!

  12. Gorgeous scarf and I love the red glovies and granny goodness! Have a good week.


  13. I love sofa days too....I wish I could have more of them :) I hope you enjoyed yours. Gorgeous scarf, what a bargain!
    Caroline xx

  14. I like your blog and I will follow you : )

  15. It sounds like you had the perfect way to spend a dreary sunday. It sure has been very grey and glum, but the days are getting a little longer and before we know it Spring will be around the corner. Your flowers are so beautiful and so is your steal of a scarf, I love it and I am sure it is keeping you warm in the chilly weather. I am so pleased to hear that you have started your year off well and I would like to wish you all the best for this year ahead xoxo

  16. You have a special good eye with colors! I enjoy all your work!

  17. What a beautiful colourful blog.

  18. That snood is gorgeous, just as the crochet I spot behind those lovely flowers! Have a brilliant week, and I'm looking forward to the crafty updates! :-) xxxx

  19. Your gorgeously colourful posts are the perfect antidote to the grey wintry days here Sharron!...Beautiful crochet, flowers and snood...I'm feeling very optimistic about 2014 too...hope it's a great one for you..x
    Susan x

  20. Nice scarf,saw about 5 people wearing them in Rotherham the other day,they seem to be really popular.

  21. Love your blog! Very pretty scarf and the gloves are so lovely. Sofa days are nice in this kind of weather yes :)

  22. Dear Sharron, your new cowl and gloves are gorgeous - how cheery for the 'dark' days - and your circles in squares are beautiful, as are your flowers - you always have such bright and lovely flowers and once again in the sweetest little jug! I hope your Sunday worked out exactly as you hoped for. Lovely seeing you in my little space again and thanks so much for your sweet message. Wishing you and loved ones the very best for 2014 - happy crafting! Love, Joy xo

  23. I thought we had the same snood but mine is definitely not 5 ft :o and it was only from Primark but it has the same alternating white / colour scheme, so lovely to brighten you up on a dreary cold day :-)


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