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Friday 17 January 2014

Colour Play

As promised I am back to share my little ta'dah moment with you. The reversible granny squares cushion I completed before Christmas is having it's moment in the spotlight today. If you're anything like me and love to play with colour, then this (I'm sure) will be right up your street.

I painstakingly went to the effort of sewing in all the loose ends, hundreds of them. I could have left them as they would have been hidden on the inside of the cushion cover, but my obsessive side knew I wouldn't be satisfied unless they were all tidied away. I pulled up the centre yarn tails on each individual square tightly, closing up all the holes, which I think resulted in a rather nice effect.

As you can see from the pics one side is made up of 121 x two round granny squares in a bright palette, and the other 49 x three round granny squares are a more muted palette. I crocheted the two sides together with a simple half treble crochet stitch.

It's really nice to be able to swap and change it around as the mood takes me. I really enjoyed the process of putting it all together. I suppose it satisfies both my fun side and my more relaxed side. 

So there you have it. My first ta'dah moment of 2014, and I hope to share many more. I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all my new readers. I'm so glad you found me.

Till next time 
x x x x x


  1. It's really gorgeous! Reversible is a nice idea. I know what you mean about those ends! but it really is a lovely fun cushion, enjoy, Heather x

  2. It's really lovely! I think I am drawn to the more muted colours but both sides are fab. I'm also afraid that I would have taken the easy option and hidden the ends inside. What the eye doesn't see! Hope you have a lovely weekend :O)x

  3. Love the mini squares, but lots and lots of ends. Well done for your perseverance! The result is lovely.

  4. Hi Sharron
    You clever thing you - it's just gorgeous !
    Kate x

  5. Just gorgeous ... And what a clever way of making one pillow with a "double dutty " ...

  6. I love it! Now I'll have to make one myself of course... ;-)
    One can never have enough cushions or blankets in the house!
    Love from Mirjam.

  7. I think that's a wonderful pillow!

  8. I love it, so colourfull, It brigthens up my dark day:)

  9. Sharron, it is just perfect. You did a fantastic job.

  10. It looks beautiful, and what a lovely idea - your crochet always looks so neat (I've had a couple of wobbly moments with mine this week). Have a good weekend and enjoy your cushion.
    Jane x

  11. A lot of work with so many ends. But it looks so gorgeous. Wonderful.


  12. What a brilliant idea, both sides look gorgeous

  13. Beautiful cushion Sharron...I really love the muted colours!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Caroline xx

  14. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous- definately worth the effort.

  15. Wow I love it.
    I putit on my to do list...once when I have time.

  16. I love the idea of double sides to go with your mood! I made a winter/valentine wreath - double sided last year. http://flythecoopcrafts.blogspot.com/2013/01/double-duty-crochet-wreath-tadah.html - I just re-hung it on the door today with the Winter side - will change to the LOVE side a bit closer to Valentine. Your little squares pillow is beautiful.

  17. I love your cushion and think the reversible aspect is genius! My crochet cushions tend to lose their shape and look saggy after a while. How do yours fair? As I have said before, my husband half sits half leans on the cushions and this may have something to do with it. Looking forward to your next ta-dah moment. xx

  18. Nice idea. I like being able to turn things over for a different effect too. Personally love the little squares side best and the join is attractive and simple. Well done on the loose ends!!!

  19. Love the idea and your finished pillow! Well done you. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing.

  20. Great cushion. I love it...

    Patricia x ( pats-ditjes-en-datjes.blogspog.be )

  21. Gorgeous results after all those ends Sharron - slightly daunting eh! It really is a lovely bright cheery sight and very cuddly - and of course very well done! xo

  22. Love your colour play! And the granny squares are the best for it :-)

  23. It's lovely Annie and yes I'm inspired and will just have to put this on My to do list for 2014. Thanks for generously sharing your lovely cushion.
    Blessings Gail

  24. Beautiful! I love both sides :-) Congrats on your ta dah!

  25. absolutely love it!! What a brilliant idea! Always look forward to your posts Sharron! x

  26. Loving your cushion - very bright and muted!! Congratulations on conquering the dreaded ends :0) Sam xx

  27. oh how clever and beautiful. I particularly love the muted colours and it looks like quite a nice sized cushion sitting on your bed.

  28. Your cushion is beautiful Sharron!...I've just been trying to decide which side I love most...but it's impossible (although those colourful mini squares do look so lovely don't they?) I love how you play with colour...everything is always gorgeous!
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  29. Dear Sharron,

    This is my first visit here and the first thing which struck me is your amazing eye for colour!

    Happy New Year to you, Sharron.

    Warmest wishes from France,


  30. Totally gorgeous!! I am a new reader too and I am so glad I found YOU!

  31. A stunning project and so versatile. I have had a poorly girl but I have managed to escape the sickness bug and finish my Elise Shawl, take a look - it is a fab pattern. Jo x

  32. It's really beautiful. I love that it's reversible and that each side is so different.

  33. Oh such a beautiful cushion, and brilliant that it's reversible and both sides give such a different vibe! I love it :-) xxxx

  34. Everything is beautiful ! I follow your blog with pleasure. Best regards and I feel free to visit my blog ;-)

  35. This is lovely Sharron. Well done on a beautiful start to 2014! xx

  36. Thanks for letting me admire your beautiful stitching and color work, Sharron! You have cheered my heart :) xx

  37. Ooooh this is so lovely!! I am loving the colours you have chosen and they all work so well together. Well done you for such a beautiful start to the new year!! I am drooling! xoxo

  38. Beautiful site! Found you through Pinterest, but won't pin as I don't see the Icon here. Will be bookmarking this site and visiting often. Gorgeous color use in your projects.

  39. Hello dear...
    I'm Intantya from Indonesia, nice to across your blog, your blog really great.
    what kind of yarn you use for this project? cotton or wool?

    Thanks for share beautiful project..
    kisses from Indonesia

    1. Muted Side -
      Sublime Yarns Organic Cotton DK
      Debbie Bliss Eco Baby

      Bright Side -
      Schachenmayr Catania

      Hope this helps :)

  40. love the cushion its very pretty and sewing the ends in must have taken an age but well worth it.im actually sat here with a memory foam cushion behind my back.....still in the plastic bag it came in lol because i havent found a cushion cover i like hmmmm if i can work out how you started the squares off and joined them together i think i might have found it.thankyou for sharing your beautifull work with us.

  41. Your blog is so lovely! What beautiful crochet and gorgeous colours. I just don't know where to start as I want to make it all.

  42. Hi Annie, what a wonderful site you have, nice projects with brilliant colors.
    You are an example for me.
    Kind regards.

  43. I absolutely love these pillows! The colors look great together!


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