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Thursday 4 February 2016

Hello February : Crafty & Cosmic Pursuits

Happy February All. It sure has come around quick! I'm pleased to say the sun is shining today, and with the days lasting that little bit longer I feel energised and positive for the month ahead. A great big thank you is in order for all the wonderful feedback you left for my granny square blanket. I love to hear from you, so do make yourself known. Yes that means YOU! sitting there unsure whether to comment........I don't bite, promise xx 

To mix things up a bit I've been dipping in and out of a few projects. I bought some new yarn at the back end of last year from a local craft supplies store. The soft snuggliness of it and the subdued colour palette won me over. It's Jarol Shetland Mist DK, an 80% Acrylic/20% Wool mix available in 100g balls.

I'm just playing around with it at the moment, experimenting with a simple 5 round circle in a square pattern. Changing colours the first 3 rounds, with the same colour for the squaring off part, and using a join as you go technique. It's been very relaxing.

The scarf I started last year has been resurrected, with a determination to have it finished whilst there's still a need for it. Famous last words! I made a bit of an error in judgement with this one. I had the bright idea that I'd like something with horizontal stripes, but didn't factor in the hundreds of rows it would take to create something remotely big enough to sufficiently wrap around my neck. It's got to be warm right? otherwise what's the point? Not to mention the hundreds of yarn tails to painstakingly sew in, grrrrr......

This is the moment when I think I should've just gone to Primark and paid a couple of quid for a mass-produced factory made scarf. Is this effort really all worth it? Yes of course it is Sharron I hear you cry, and I agree but boy does it take some patience.

I know there's nothing like handmade and that is what drives me on, but I HATE HATE HATE tidying yarn tails. And yes you guessed it, I left them until I was some 120 rows in before deciding I really should do something about them. When will I ever learn? Like letting the air out of a big balloon, my passion for this project began to seriously wane.

But now the bulk of those pesky ends have disappeared and I have a renewed enthusiasm for it! So watch this space for the end product, it should be all done and dusted sometime soon.

Next up I'd like to try out some cross stitch from the lovely book pictured above 'Storyland Cross Stitch' by Sophie Simpson (aka Delilah). I was super lucky to find it in my local branch of 'The Works' for only £3 (RRP UK £14.99). It's such a pretty book, beautifully put together.


Before I leave you I just wanted to mention something that's had me gripped over the last couple of months. Some of you will already be aware of this but for those that don't know, Major Tim Peake, a British Astronaut currently living and working aboard the ISS (International Space Station) took his first space walk recently. The significance of which was massive, as it's the first time a Brit has ever walked in space.

I have followed Tim's journey, and felt privileged to watch the whole space walk live from start to finish on NASA TV which was amazing, if not a tad scary. It has ignited a real fascination in me about space, and I've been keeping up with Tim's day to day via his awesome Instagram feed.

The reason I'm mentioning this here is because last night I went out to spot the ISS as it passed overhead during one of it's 16 orbits per day. I drove out into the countryside to get the best possible viewpoint, where light pollution is at a minimum. Fortunately there was a clear sky, and I could see a multitude of stars, so I felt confident I would spot the ISS with little trouble. 

Sure enough at 6:47pm there or thereabouts I saw a bright light moving swiftly across the night sky. Quite incredible to think Tim and his colleagues were up there, flying past at over 17,000 miles per hour. Within a couple of minutes it was gone. I admit to waving though not too sure they'd have seen me, lol......

Anyway, if you'd like to see the ISS with your own eyes then you can check out when it will be flying over your part of the world here

Until next time
x x x 
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