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Hi there & welcome to Annie's Place. A place inspired by and named after my late Grandmother Annie. Somewhere I can be creative, and share my love for all things handmade. I like nothing better than sitting with hook & yarn, crafting something home spun & completely unique, or rustling up some yummy baked goodies. I live in a town with a beautiful embankment, situated on the River Great Ouse. You may know me as CosyKitty on Ravelry. Why not stop a while.....?!!

Friday 21 March 2014


I've enjoyed many leisurely walks over recent weeks, all within a short distance from home. You see I'm endeavouring to take a moment out of each day, come rain or shine, to get out, put one foot in front of the other and breathe some fresh air. Just half an hour, that is all. 

It sometimes feels impossible to fit just a small window of time into the day for yourself. There's always something to do, or somewhere to be. Never enough hours in the day to tick every box. Well that's what it feels like anyway.

I love the vast open countryside surrounding my home, and I am determined to explore every inch of it this year. I appreciate the beauty of nature, and want to drink it in. Especially when the sun's going down, and everything becomes immersed in a golden haze. 

Just those few stolen moments away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, can make everything seem a little more manageable. It makes coming home all the more special too, especially when you're surrounded by things that bring you comfort. A cosy crochet blanket, a book and bed.........bliss x

Saturday 15 March 2014

Snap happy

We've been blessed with some lovely mild temperatures and spring sunshine this week. It's made the world of difference to my overall mood. I've definitely had a sunnier disposition that's for sure. 

My crochet hook has been dusted off and put to some use after being badly neglected. I like to think of it as a temporary blip. I admit I lost enthusiasm for a moment, but surprising how a bit of good light can make you feel energised and motivated once again.

I've been hooking up some 7 round traditional granny squares. The yarn is acrylic, the hook a 4mm, the blocks joined as I go, and the colour scheme very random. Apart from making sure that my 4th and final rows are kept the same colour. I'm rather pleased with them so far *happy face*

Let's see how long this project can keep me engaged! You know me; the eternal flibbertigibbet. I really must commit to one project at a time. But it seems like an impossibility for me *arghhhhh* 

I've been very snap happy too. My camera is never too far from my hands, and I kinda went a bit mad. The addition of some lovely blooms, and some new crochet squares just sent me a bit batty. I know you don't mind me overloading you with visual stimuli??! Especially when it's hooky related!

Before I scoot, I've been meaning to ask who's been watching Kirstie Allsopp's new property programme Best of Both Worlds? I'm a sucker for these shows, (another favourite being Escape To The Country) and I think this one has been fantastic. Not that I'm green with envy or anything, but some of the places Kirstie's visited in this series have been sickeningly beautiful. A bit of escapism is good for you though, so I guess I'll keep watching and dreaming.........

Enjoy the weekend

x x x x x x x

Saturday 8 March 2014

Colourful flower runner revisited

Phew, am I glad the week's almost over! You know sometimes you get those moments when everything seems to all happen at once. Appointments to keep, entertaining unexpected visitors, trying to get the car through it's MOT without any added expense. Oh yes, that just about sums up the kind of week I've had.

But now I can take a deep breath and relax into the weekend. I've enjoyed watching some of the World Indoor Athletics Champs on TV this morning, glad to see some Team GB success in the heats. Fingers crossed for the finals. 

As you were all so generous with your comments about my ripple, I thought I'd follow that up with a look back at my colourful flower runner project. I made a very tentative start on this back in the summer of 2011, after being totally inspired by this gorgeous pattern. 

I was just beginning to find my feet with crochet, and at about 8 months in felt ready to take on a bigger project. I followed Solveig's pattern for the circle part of each block, but then adapted it as I wasn't confident using the JAYG (join as you go) method. I crocheted each square, then slip stitched them together in rows. 

Soon I had accumulated row upon row of colourful circles framed in white. It was a pleasure to make and I got a real thrill out of seeing the project grow. I decided on a runner, rather than a blanket as I wanted to give my rattan chair a makeover. I ended up with 7 rows of 22 blocks. The perfect width and length for my chair cover.

It took me a couple of months to complete, but for a self confessed slow coach that was pretty quick. I'd like to attempt something like this again but on a grander scale. Problem is, I'm not sure I have the patience for it. 

I hope you enjoyed my wee trip down memory lane? 
Perhaps I've inspired you to do the same? 

x x x x x x x x

Saturday 1 March 2014

Rainbow ripple revisited

Happy weekend everyone, I do hope you've had a good week thus far. Today's weather report I'm pleased to say includes lots of sunshine. Much needed after the soggy grey day we had yesterday!

I want to thank you for all the comments on my last post. I'm still trying to navigate my way around this new computer of mine. Despite it being so much quicker than my old one, surprisingly I'm finding it difficult to adapt. 

I managed to safely retrieve all my data from the old pc, with the help of the tech guys at PC World. There was a point when I thought I'd lost everything as I'd failed to back up my files. I know I know, stupid of me. I feel a bit of a twit really as my father kept warning me of the dangers of not keeping things up to date. But you know how it is, you put it off thinking I'll do it later. Only later never comes, and you end up facing the consequences. Lesson learned.

One thing I have had fun doing is sorting through all my old photo albums, revisiting projects I had worked on pre-blogging. Projects that I haven't really spoken about here or shown you in any great detail. So I thought it might be nice to dedicate a few posts to some of the colourful crochet that I completed before deciding to embark on this blogging journey.

As per usual Attic24, and the very lovely Lucy was my go to for inspiration. I know her neat ripple pattern is a firm favourite with lots of you, and I was no exception. I couldn't wait to try my hand at her very generous free pattern. So I picked up my 3.5mm hook and got to work making oodles of gorgeous colourful waves with my stash of Schachenmayr Catania.

I really enjoyed the gentle ebb & flow of this simplistic pattern. Once you get going it really is a lovely project to pick up and put down when the mood takes you. The rainbow palette was a no brainer for me, as I knew it would keep my interest being so bright and cheery. 

I couldn't wait to add each new row, anxious to see the picture I'd built in my mind slowly emerge in all it's multi-coloured glory. Well I can tell you it didn't disappoint. I could've happily rippled away forever!

Looking back has given me a renewed thirst to do another ripple. Maybe something like this! A gorgeous colour scheme, don't you think? Hmmm, I see a new yarn purchase in my future...........

x x x x x x x x x
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