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Hi there & welcome to Annie's Place. A place inspired by and named after my late Grandmother Annie. Somewhere I can be creative, and share my love for all things handmade. I like nothing better than sitting with hook & yarn, crafting something home spun & completely unique, or rustling up some yummy baked goodies. I live in a town with a beautiful embankment, situated on the River Great Ouse. You may know me as CosyKitty on Ravelry. Why not stop a while.....?!!

Saturday 24 August 2013

Granny Love

Sometimes easy is good don't you agree? That sounds a bit cryptic doesn't it? Well let me explain my thinking. This thing called crochet that I've become ever so slightly obsessed with over recent years, has really changed my life for the better. No exaggeration. Before I found this outlet I really was a bit lost, creatively speaking.

I suppose if I think about it, I've always had an artistic leaning. Since I was a little girl I've loved to sing and dance and perform (a wee prima donna some might say), and I guess I wish I had pursued that dream more into adulthood. Sadly there just wasn't the opportunities for children where I grew up to nurture that talent, and before you know it you're the wrong side of 30 and your moment has passed. My passion for music, is now only equalled by my love for hook & yarn, and where once I may have wanted to tread the boards in a West End Musical, let's face it; my crafty aspirations are now far more attainable.

Oh dear, I've somewhat strayed from my point. Back on track Sharron! Crochet can be quite a complex craft to pick up, and there's no denying that it can be quite a challenge when you first decide to have a go. I spent quite a considerable amount of time recently trying out more ambitious patterns and new stitch combinations, but do you know what I've found? You really can't beat the traditional Granny Square pattern! It's where most of us started out, and it's what we turn to when we want something easy to work on, right?

So, looky here! I've raided my lovely stash of Drops Alpaca to start on a large Granny square project. I have to confess I wasn't sure about putting the Dark Lime (2916) colourway into the mix, but I think it adds a little bit of zest to the pattern, what do you think? The Alpaca is so unbelievably light and the colours are just gorgeous. The decision to purchase some at Fibre East was most definitely a good one!

I've spent a bit of time sorting through my scarf collection this week too, and came upon the idea that they might look rather nice hung over some old wooden hangers I had lying around. It keeps them neat and tidy, and of course I couldn't resist a little crochet embellishment.

Before I scoot, I'd like to say a big hello 
to all my new readers from far and wide!!!

Lovely to make your acquaintance,
I do hope you enjoy your time here!
 x x x x x  

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Softfun fun

In the blink of an eye, we're into the 8th month of the year! I confess to suffering a bit of August apathy here at Annie's Place. But maybe that's not such a bad thing?! After all, that's what Summer's supposed to be about right? Taking a more relaxed attitude to things, slowing your pace, enjoying the extended hours of light and the length of each and every day! My body is definitely on a go slow, but my mind is as frenetic as ever. 

I currently only possess a very small collection of crochet books. One of which is Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws & Afghans. I've mentioned this publication on many occasions as it's one of the first books I ever bought, and has become my 'go to' resource for inspiration (when I'm not trawling Pinterest of course). I'm not hugely enamoured by all the patterns on offer in this book, but there are a few stand out one's that I keep returning to. Namely the Willow block and more recently the Edwardian Fancy. 

I've had quite a number of emails enquiring where to purchase it, or asking for the patterns. Of course I can't offer you Jan's patterns here due to copyright, but I have found this website that has a comprehensive listing of places to buy it. Although with so many fantastic free patterns available on the web, you'll have to decide whether it's worth parting with your pennies.

I do have a habit of making minor adaptations to Jan's patterns, to suit my own creative vision of what I want a project to look like. Do you do that? 

I've spent much of this week playing with my lovely Cotton Acrylic mix Softfun Yarn from Scheepjeswol. I decided to just take some of the Lavender colourway, to work up some Edwardian Fancies (block 88, page 77). I only went as far as following the first 8 rounds, and decided to join as I go, slip stitching into the corners and middle point on the sides of each motif. 

The light was pretty bad yesterday so the pics aren't great, but I hope you get the idea? The texture of the Softfun really highlights the detail of this pattern. All this yarn play is thirsty work....... 

............so I think I'll rest my hook for a bit 
and grab a cuppa and a hobnob.

Any takers?

x x x x x
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