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Hi there & welcome to Annie's Place. A place inspired by and named after my late Grandmother Annie. Somewhere I can be creative, and share my love for all things handmade. I like nothing better than sitting with hook & yarn, crafting something home spun & completely unique, or rustling up some yummy baked goodies. I live in a town with a beautiful embankment, situated on the River Great Ouse. You may know me as CosyKitty on Ravelry. Why not stop a while.....?!!

Friday 27 December 2013

Sparkle & Light, Merry & Bright

Season's greetings dear readers. I do hope you're well, and have enjoyed the festivities thus far?!! Not meaning to start this post on a downer but as I type I can see the River Great Ouse rushing past my window, all swollen and angry. I can't help but think of all the people who've had to contend with flooding this past week, and how utterly devastating it must be, especially at this time of year. Nature is a wondrous thing but violent and destructive in equal measure. I send my thoughts out to all those affected.

I've spent the past few days indulging in plenty of yummy food and festive entertainment. The run up to the big day was quite hectic to be honest and I didn't get in half of what I'd planned to do. I know I'm not alone there, and I'm sure most of us can breathe a collective sigh of relief now we're safely on the other side. This is the best bit for me though, the part of the holiday's when you can veg out in your favourite PJ's, watch copious amounts of films, and graze on all those treats you've stockpiled in the cupboards. I cannot wait for four o'clock every day, when the light fades and all my twinkling fairy lights come into their own.

My crochet hook has been badly neglected in recent weeks, but I did manage to finish a few projects before the Christmas madness took over. I thought I'd give you a preview here today of the squares cushion, and then do a proper write up when time allows. I think it deserves it's proper 'ta-dah' moment!

Until then, I send warm wishes to all and many thanks for your presence here at Annie's Place through 2013. 

See you in 2014 
x x x x x 

Saturday 30 November 2013

Christmas count down, comfort food & crochet

So the month of November is swiftly drawing to a close, and a new exciting one begins. I have butterflies in my tummy, and feel all dizzy with excitement for the count down to Christmas.  I'm looking forward to homes everywhere becoming festooned with lights and decorations. 

There are some gorgeous old Victorian houses in the town where I live and it's a bit of a tradition that we either take a slow drive, or walk around to have a good old nose at their beautiful festive displays. Trees that are dressed to perfection, and proudly displayed in the huge bay windows so often a feature of this period, create the most amazing ambience. I confess to being a wee bit jealous of the folks that live in some of these homes. I'm a sucker for old buildings that have a lot of history attached to them, especially at this time of year when they really come into their own. 

Not that I'd want to live in Dickensian times, when poverty and disease were rife, but stories like A Christmas Carol effortlessly transport you to that era, and I for one thinks it's simply magical.

Speaking of magical, who's as excited as I am that Channel 4 have commissioned a three part fly-on-the-wall documentary going behind the scenes at Liberty of London, as it gears up for the festive season????? I know where I'll be at 9pm on Monday 2nd December. 

As you can see from the pictures above the diet is well and truly out the window. We have a new Morrisons supermarket opened up locally and the cream cakes are simply to die for. I can highly recommend the fresh cream muffins and the raspberry and fresh cream turnovers. I dread to think what the calorie count is on these scrumdiddlyumptious treats! So naughty, but ever so nice!

I'm on the home straight to completing another cushion cover project. Just those awful yarn tails to deal with then I can crochet both sides together. 

I've decided to go for a reversible cover this time around, using some of the country cottage patchwork squares I made earlier in the year, along with the teeny weeny brightly coloured squares crocheted up a few weeks ago. 

I think it'll be a nice contrast having a muted palette on one side, and a bright zingy one on the other. I'm getting impatient for the moment I can share my 'ta dah' with you.

Well that's it from me for now. Thanks to all that visit Annie's Place regularly, and to those that leave lovely comments I appreciate every word. Those of you that are a bit shy, do say hello. I'd love to hear from you.

Till next time

Thursday 21 November 2013

Ambient light

Dear readers, you may remember back in July I wrote about finding the most amazing woodland retreat not too far from home, namely Rushmere Park. I absolutely fell in love with the place and couldn't wait to return to witness the awesome transformation from Summer to Autumn. 

I was so excited on the short drive from home, conjuring up images in my head of the wondrous sights awaiting me. The trees were sure to be making their transition from green to gold to red, and every hue in between. I couldn't wait to stroll amongst the enormous canopy again, and to enjoy the crunch of leaves underfoot. Care to take a walk with me?

Oh it was such a joy to explore, and I spied an abundance of cute creatures on route too. There were squirrels galore, whom sadly never stood still long enough for me to get a decent picture. Mr Robin Red Breast on the other hand was more than happy to oblige. Isn't his rotundness just adorable? 

I love, love, love this time of year. Any excuse to get wrapped up in scarf, hat and gloves, boots on, camera round neck, I'm there! There's something so enchanting about the landscape this time of year.

And the sky, the wispy white clouds set against a sea of blue. 
It's just magical.......

The cherry on top is coming home, popping the kettle on for a nice hot cuppa, lighting some candles, and cosying up with some crochet in my favourite corner. 


x x x x 

Thursday 14 November 2013

Blogiversary & Teeny Weeny Granny Square Love

Hey there lovely readers, November sure is whizzing past and it has come to my attention that this lil' ole blog of mine has reached it's first birthday!! Wow, what a year it has been! I've received tremendous benefit from embarking on this journey. Having the opportunity to share a little part of my world with you has been an incredibly uplifting experience. 

I want to thank each and every person who has thought to drop by over these last 12 months, and for every kind word written. I'm overwhelmed by the interest that has been shown in Annie's Place, and hope you will continue to visit with me when time allows. I've rustled up some celebratory cupcakes, do help yourself to one......

This last few days I've felt in need of something easy peasy to work on, an instant colour fix if you will. So what could be better than hooking up some oh so simple, straightforward, itsy bitsy two round granny squares, joining them as you go. 

Uncomplicated is my mantra this week, and I think this project fits the bill perfectly don't you?. I'm seeing a rather jazzy cushion cover in my future. These happy little multi-coloured squares are a pleasure to crochet, and the tessellated effect that's produced is so instantly gratifying. You really should give them a try!

I hope any grey days are interspersed with 
many sunny moments, wherever you are 
reading this in the world today. 

Back soon
x x x x x x x

Monday 4 November 2013

Country Walks and Granny Stripe Crochet Overload

I thought it was high time I had a 'ta-dah' moment here at Annie's Place. It's been many months since I first wrote about my rainbow inspired granny stripe blanket, and shared the colour sequence I used with you. Well I'm happy to report it has been finished, and is getting lots of use now there is a nip in the air.

There were moments when the light was so perfect over the weekend, I couldn't resist the temptation to take my blanket out into the countryside for an impromptu photo shoot. 

I did hesitate though, as I deliberated whether it was a good idea. What if someone saw me, wandering around, Granny Stripe in hand? They might think I was a tad odd. But I just couldn't waste the opportunity of getting amongst nature with my colourful crochet creation. After all; I am proud of it, so why shouldn't I show it off? 

It was hurrying towards late afternoon and the light was diminishing fast, so I wasted no time in finding a suitable location. There are a plethora of beautiful villages in Bedfordshire, so I had no shortage of options.

The landscape is really spectacular at this time of year. I can't tell you how much I LOVE Autumn. Woodland walks, wrapped up in layers has to be my favourite pastime.

I was so snap happy by the time I reached the river, the light had faded quite dramatically. But I still thought the contrast of the bright rainbow stripes against the stark watery back drop was worth capturing.

I didn't stray too far off the beaten track, as I had visions of getting lost. So I just did a loop of the village, through the trees, and over the bridge. Right back to where I started.

In the end my only audience was this handsome fellow. Although I expect he was more interested in what I might have for him to eat, and not my crochet blanket. Alas I did not have any snacks for him on this occasion. The poor chap looked bereft, bless him. I felt really bad that I had no tasty morsel to offer. Ah well, next time....

Now, this is the part where I share more gratuitous shots of my Granny Stripes. I was so pleased with my efforts, persevering with this project to completion I just went a bit mad taking pictures. Look no further if you're all grannied out. This is just my moment to reflect on finishing this gargantuan task. 

These happy stripes make my heart sing. The border ended up nothing too fancy, just a few rows of treble crochet, followed by a shell edging.

It's 6ft 4in wide, so plenty big enough 
to get well and truly wrapped up in. 
My biggest project to date.

It's super duper snugglicious, and will be a permanent fixture on the sofa. All the family cosied up under it watching TV.

If you've made it this far, then I salute you my crochet comrades. 
I hope you've enjoyed my colourful celebration?!! 
x x x x x x x x

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Giddy for Granny Squares and Giveaway Goodies

Hello friends. Did you manage to get your gums around my post title, a bit of a tongue twister isn't it?!! I do hope you're all adapting to the changing seasons, and that all is well in your corner of the globe today. First things first. I'm just about fit to burst over being the lucky recipient of an amazing giveaway, hosted recently by the very lovely Gillian over at Tales from a happy house

Not meaning to gloat dear readers, but this is the first online giveaway I've ever entered, and the first thing I've won in many a year. You see, these things just don't happen to me! So I'm sure you can forgive my smugness & appreciate my excitement on this occasion *does cartwheels*

Just look at the goodies I've won, aren't they fab? A gorgeous GreenGate Tea Towel, an amazing Emily Peacock Tapestry Kit, and for me the best thing of all; the most wonderful crochet bunting hand made by Gillian herself. Needless to say I am one very happy camper!! Everything arrived beautifully packaged, with the added touch of a hand written note card. I'm really grateful to Gillian for making so much effort.

On the crochet front I've been hooking up some six round traditional granny squares in block colours, and joining them as I go with grey. It's mostly Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton, but there's a few other odds and ends thrown in too. I can't remember exactly what they are as I stupidly threw the ball bands away. 

I'm hoping to make a double bed blanket size, and because I decided to start this project on a whim I've had to order 8 more balls of the grey for joining (it's actually Rowan Purelife Logwood if anyone's interested).

I've thoroughly enjoyed getting cosied up on the sofa with a nice hot brew, hook & yarn in hand. That's what I love most about Autumn. I'm in hibernation mode for sure.

Before I go I must mention how much I'm enjoying the new four part series currently showing on BBC One, The Great British Year. As described by the The Open University The Great British Year is the definitive portrait of the spectacular and dynamic nature of our country over the course of one year....... 

I have been truly wowed by the amazing time-lapse photography used in this production. I have oooo'd and aaaaa'd at the spectacular way the changing seasons have been so beautifully captured. You really can't take your eyes off the screen for a moment, it's so utterly mesmerising. What a triumph for the BBC, whom I'm sure will receive awards for this. If you haven't already, do try and watch this. It's available on catch-up. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

You can also order a free seasons poster here, as pictured above. What a great resource, especially for parents and teachers. I've ordered mine, why don't you grab yourself one. 

Well that's all from me, for now. 
Hope you have many cosy moments 
in the coming weeks!
x x x x x 

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Bobble Stitch Scarf

I know quite a few of you were pondering what I might do with some of the yummy yarns I received on my recent birthday. Well ponder no more lovely readers, for I am here today to share a seasonal project with you. Care to take a look.....?

My sister's birthday is a mere ten days after mine, so this year I thought it would be nice to give her something not only hand made by me, but something that would come in useful during the colder months creeping upon us. A scarf seemed like the ideal present, so I picked out some of my SMC Extra Soft Merino Cotton and a 4mm hook to get me started.

After a pootle around on Pinterest I was quite overwhelmed by all the fab ideas & inspiration, I just didn't know where to begin deciding on a pattern. I was a little covert and tried to suss out what my sister might like by showing her various pins, fishing for hints on styles and colours she might favour. I soon deduced that she would very much like something in earthy tones.

Working in rows isn't my most favourite way of crocheting, as I always worry that the sides of my work will end up uneven or wonky, at worst with a few extra stitches not accounted for! The first few rows I sometimes find tricky, especially if I'm working into a long foundation chain. Thankfully on this occasion my fears were unfounded and I was able to keep my edges neat & tidy. What a relief.

Those of you with a beady eye will see I opted for rows of 3 stitch bobbles. Easy once you get into a nice rhythm. It makes for a lovely texture that's fully reversible, so perfect for a scarf. I just improvised the colour placement, working with solid blocks of colour, thus avoiding too many pesky yarn tails. One word of warning though; if you're going to use bobble stitch make sure you calculate how much yarn you'll need as this stitch is a real yarn eater.  

So there you have it. 198 rows of soft bobble stitch, just under six feet long. Plenty big enough to wrap around and snuggle into. If anyone's interested in the colours, they are 05604 Beige, 05664 Moss & 05679 Stone.

Just my little crafty contribution for the week........

Lots of love
x x x x

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Birthday treats

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who sent me birthday messages this last few days. It means a great deal, and is made all the more special because despite not knowing me personally, you have thought to share such sweet sentiments.......x x x x 

I had a lovely day, nothing extravagant, just precious time spent with my family. A lunch date with my parents, where we shared much laughter whilst indulging in some yummy food. I don't know about you but as I get older time with those closest to me is more important than anything else. More than cards and presents, just time to all be together. 

I was spoilt though, not least with the 
lovely blooms you see pictured above.... 

.....and some scrummy new yarn.

Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton in 
the most delightful shades.....

....10 balls of SMC Extra Soft Merino Cotton, as well as a 
couple of balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK 
thrown in for good measure.

As you can imagine, I am now
in Yarn Heaven *sigh*

This hand stitched journal from Paperchase is very cute.
I'm so looking forward to using it!

My sister very kindly gifted me some more
crafty bits and bobs, as well as a gorgeous
scarf to add to my ever growing collection.

All in all I am one very lucky
and very grateful lady

x x x x x x x
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