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Monday 3 December 2012

Granny Stripe Colour Sequence

Happy Monday everyone! I've had a few enquiries recently about my Granny Stripe Blanket, regarding the order of colours I've used. So I thought it might be useful to post up a list, so that anyone who wants to create something equally as Rainbow-tastic can do so!!

I know what it's like to see somebody else's work and think 'Wow, I'd love to re-create that project!!' and how helpful it is when the crafter generously writes up a comprehensive list of the yarn and colours used.  So here's my offering.....

Hook Size - 3.5mm

Foundation Chain 

Two rows each of the following colours
:Pomegranate :Lipstick :Shrimp :Saffron :Sunshine :Spring Green :Meadow :Aspen :Sherbet :Cloud Blue :Aster :Turquoise :Denim :Bluebell :Lavender :Wisteria :Clematis  :Magenta :Plum :Lipstick :Bright Pink :Fiesta :Fondant :Pale Rose 

*:Pomegranate :Shrimp :Sunshine :Saffron :Spring Green :Meadow :Aspen :Turquoise :Sherbet :Cloud Blue :Aster :Denim :Bluebell :Lavender :Wisteria :Clematis :Magenta  :Plum :Lipstick :Bright Pink :Fiesta :Fondant :Pale Rose

:Pomegranate :Shrimp :Saffron :Sunshine :Spring Green :Meadow :Aspen :Sherbet :Cloud Blue :Aster :Turquoise :Denim :Bluebell :Lavender :Wisteria :Clematis  :Magenta :Plum :Lipstick :Bright Pink :Fiesta :Fondant :Pale Rose**

Repeat from *  to ** as many times as you like to achieve the required size blanket
I'm still striping away, not sure when this particular project will be finished.   I've done 174 rows so far, and at over 6ft wide it's been quite a task.  I'm hoping to add a really nice border to it.  

Hope this inspires a few people?!!!

Happy Hooking x x x 


  1. It's utterly gorgeous! And I LoVe stylecraft yarns, such fab colours!
    Victoria. Xx

  2. Your work is so beautiful. I could spent hours and hours just looking at your stuff (especially right now with loads of stuff to read for my German studies *sigh*)

    Have a nice week!


  3. Very inspiring! I am especially grateful for the detail picture with the names of the colourways. I tend to get overexited when crocheting (ahem), and just rip of the band which says the colour. Such frustration when ordering online and trying to compare a strand of yarn I ran out of with the colours on the screen! (I have to order my Stylecraft online, it isn't available in Belgian yarn shops, tssss) So thank you! :-) Ooh, I just wanted to add that all of your pictures are amazing, you are quite the photographer! xxxx

  4. So gorgeous and cheery! xo Heather

  5. It's beautiful, stylecraft yarn is great for a blanket it has such a lovely drape and it comes in so many gorgeous colours doesn't it!

  6. What a beautiful blanket. I love all the colors. I have a thing for bright colors. They make my heart smile. It will be so lovely. You've inspired me to do on after I finish the baby blanket, the birth sampler, the granny square blanket, the big square afghan. ARRRGGGG. So much, so little time. Love your blog.

  7. So please I found this post! I love the colour combination, might not use it for a granny-stripe but definitely going to take inspiration! Just discovered stylecraft and loving its cheap & cheerfulness. Also love your use of white to off-set the brightness, its something I'm feeling inspired by at the minute! Have to use up the rest of my "lucy pack" first though. Laurelin. x

  8. Beautiful! I'm working on the granny stripe pattern from Attic 24 myself, I just fell in love with it the minute I saw it.

  9. Where can I go to order the same yarn that you used in this fantasticly striped afghan? I actually dreamed about it last night! And, thank you.


  10. hi love the colors! was wondering if this alot thinner than worsted yarn ? thanks

  11. Thank you so much so sharing your color sequence for the gorgeous blanket you made. I bought a Lucy pack months ago and started a blanket, but didn't like the way it looked. Than I came across yours and my search was over. I just ordered the colors I was missing and started on my blanket last night. I know I'm going to love it. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us. Color sequence is NOT my gift and it's nice to know that help is out there for me.

  12. To piękne , wspaniałe i absolutnie kolorowe:D kiss from Poland:)

  13. love love the colors , you just want to wrap yourself in it

  14. Your masterpiece inspired me to make my first international yarn purchase and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. I added a couple of other colors for a total of 25 and roughly followed your color sequence. I enjoyed every bit of the process. (I was drenched in color everyday until it was done) Thank you for the inspiration and your talent for putting beautiful colors together!!!

  15. I love your work...so inspiring!

  16. Beautiful. I'm a third of the way through mine. Yours is spurring me on to finish it. X

  17. bellissimi tutti i tuoi lavori....mi hanno dato allegria ....

  18. Hi.. I'm fascinated by your colors... hope someday i could try all your patterns here... Thank you for sharing them..

  19. LOVE! the bright colors you use in all your work, especially in your ripple afghan picture.

    Grammakj (USA)

    Learned about your blog from ALL FREE CROCHET AFGHAN PATTERNS

  20. I'm new to your site. I love your bright colors and I think it would make a cheerful prayer shawl for someone who needs some hugs. Thanks for sharing and God Bless You. Mary B. and The Knitting Angels & Angel Hookers


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