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Monday, 4 February 2013

You are cordially invited to....

At Annie's Place

What a busy weekend it's been here, so many new visitors, so many wonderful messages of support & encouragement. It's been quite overwhelming, and that's due in no small part to the lovely Barbara over at Made in K-Town. She very kindly invited me to contribute a guest post, and I'm pleased as punch to say it was published yesterday. Being so new around these parts I was really surprised to be considered, so you can imagine how chuffed I was to be asked!?! 

'Meet in K-Town' is Barbara's fantastic idea to introduce like-minded bloggers to one another, and she hopes to create a page choc full of fantastic posts, capturing the essence of each individual and adding a little insight into their reasons for blogging. Why not hop on over there for a little look?!

Meanwhile, I've been busily trying something brand new on the crochet front. After a heads up on Ravelry, I made my very first visit to All Stitches, a lovely local yarn supplier situated a hop, skip & jump from where I live. Yes it's often cheaper and more convenient to shop online, but there's nothing quite like that feeling you get when you walk into a shop full to the rafters with yummy yarn and crafty bits & bobs. The opportunity to have a good browse, and a good squeeze of all the merchandise, seeing the colours and textures first hand before you make your purchase. Buying online can never compare to that!

After a lovely hour of perusing the shelves, and chit chatting with the very helpful owner Helen, I bagged myself some Debbie Bliss Ecobaby 100% Organic Cotton that was on offer, a couple of new hooks and a lovely book (more about that in my next post). I left there with a big smile on my face, knowing I'd found a real gem of a place. Somewhere I'm sure I'll be visiting again soon.

At home, I've been trying out some recipes from my Vintage Teatime book. First up had to be some Chocolate Brownies. I just knew they would go down a storm, so I set to the task. I pretty much had everything in the store cupboard, except some plain chocolate (70% cocoa solids), but I substituted that with some Galaxy Ripple instead. Can't say anyone complained! The whole lot was snaffled up in no time, some drizzled with double cream, some with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, oh so scrummy........

I really wish I could have each and every one of you round for a cuppa and a slice of homemade cake. To thank you all for your generosity of spirit. 

What a fabulous way to start the month...............xxxx 


  1. Hey, I was in All Stitches on Saturday buying a bit more of the Louisa Harding Aimee that Helen had on offer, so I was sure to have enough for my circles throw! It's a great shop isn't it?

  2. Hi there Sharron - thanks for stopping by my blog. Your crochet makes are just amazing, I am in awe! Those brownies look very nice. I like mine warmed best with ice cream or cream. Yum. My tummy is rumbling now!

    Gillian x

  3. Your cake looks delicious! I agree with you about yarn stores. You get to touch the yarns and meet the nicest people.

  4. Mmmmm... those brownies look delicious!
    Angie x

  5. I am coming from Made in K-Town. I really like your blog, and will be followig you from now on...
    Ana BC

  6. Oh my, I sure would have loved having one of those brownies! ;-) I enjoyed reading your guest-post over at Made in K-town, Barbara couldn't have said it better: you have really added a colourful and inspiring place to Blogland! Looking forward to reading about your book-purchase and Debbie Bliss cotton-plans, have a lovely week! xxxx

  7. I am just so inspired by your blog! Your photos and writing are beautiful. And now I want to go make a batch of brownies and go visit Made in K-town. Thanks Sharron. :) Anne

  8. It was a pleasure to have you over in k-town! :)

  9. Those brownies look delicious! I would love to have a look at that cookbook myself.

  10. Hi I am new to blogs, I love the beautiful patterns, colors, blankets, pillow. I was wondering do you give the directions or where to find the directions for any of the patterns? If not I am very happy to have your color sense as inspiration. Thanks Bridget P

  11. oh how wonderful to find you have a blog...and such a beautiful one...not sure how I ended up here...but I'm so glad I did! Welcome to the "blog-o-sphere"!!

  12. Sharron, I don't remember how I found you originally, but I have your blog bookmarked on my toolbar-- the first time I visited, all the colors and creative projects you have going on just make me HAPPY, so I stop by whenever I need a color "fix" and some inspiration to go pick up my own hook! (It's hard to believe that you are *new* to this blogging thing! ;) ) I'm delighted to hear that you're getting more exposure online! (I'm heading over to K-Town now!) Thank you for sharing your craft with us!


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