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Sunday 21 April 2013

Bring me sunshine....

After nearly six months of Winter, Spring has finally decided to put in an appearance. But as my father pointed out whilst chatting on the phone with me this morning, someone needs to tell the trees. They are all still looking rather depressed, devoid of any leaves, just plain old naked. Every branch empty, waiting for nature's permission to get dressed. I can't wait to see them flourish with new life, the greenest of green foliage, feeding the atmosphere.

The sunshine we've been afforded this weekend has been most welcome. I felt really motivated by it's arrival,  so decided to head out for a wander, destination unknown. There wasn't a cloud in the sky; just beautiful. I headed across country from Bedfordshire into Hertfordshire, travelling through some very picturesque little villages. Up over the Dunstable Downs, where kite flyers were in abundance as usual, and gliders took to the air, taking full advantage of the perfect conditions. Oh it was glorious to see so many people out enjoying the break in the weather. 

Instead of stopping at the 'downs, I decided to drive a little further on past Whipsnade Zoo, into the Ashridge Estate. A place where as a child, I spent many a happy day out with my family. Walking amongst the trees and eating the obligatory '99 from the van positioned conveniently by the Bridgewater Monument. A nice little earner for the Ice-Cream Man me thinks!

I had a lovely stroll, happily snapping away with my camera. It's a fantastic spot to picnic in the Summer, totally free and accessible to all. It was well worth the trip.

After getting thoroughly worn out with all the fresh air, I headed home to take up my usual position on the sofa for some hooky time. My patchwork is slowly but surely growing. I'm adding a few squares here and there. Bit by bit, I'll get there.

Isn't that the perfect spot to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon?! 
I think so.........

x x x x x x x


  1. The sky colour in the monument photo is stunning as is your blanket. Happy hooking! Jo x


  2. It sounds and looks like a glorious day. Love your blanket you are making great progress.

  3. I'd like to take a ride through little English villages. I can only dream about it and watch British TV. ha! Your blanket is coming along nicely, and it's very beautiful!

  4. Sounds like you have had a lovely day and after all that fresh air what better place to be snuggled up - and of course with the added bonus of lovely crochet time. Your blanket is looking amazing x

  5. Hello Sharron - I did enjoy my little 'wander' with you, thank you! I feel sad for the trees being so confused with these strange weather patterns we've been having.
    Your patchwork blanket is going to be another 'biggie' isn't it - it's looking so bright and cheery, and I bet you're happy to be putting it together as you go: all those titchy wee squares would be a major task at the finish!!! Joy xx

  6. I love your blanket shot with your colourful socks poking out at the end and a new little grey square waiting to be added to its spot on the blanket!
    So lovely to be out in the fresh air again too. I love the horse picture which reminds me of my childhood and growing up years in England! The trees are holding back here too - no leaves to speak of yet, though the cherry trees are an exception with their blossom.

  7. OMG! Dunstable - thats where my parents lived, and ashridge... what a gorgeous place that is. Last time I was there we went into the lovely little cafe and then the gift shop if its still there? Climbed to the top of the tower and took lots of photos... I also LOVE those Downs! wish I was still there!

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. What a lovely way to spend a day! Love the blanket!
    Angie x

  10. I think I have been a bit too overly enthusiastic in my enjoying the long awaited Spring wheather, I've caught a horrible cold! Quite frustrating to be obliged to stay indoors when there's finally some sunshine out there, I wish it was me on that horse in Ashridge Park! :-) Speaking of sunshine, I'm leaving to Spain next Monday for about a month, no Internet, so I'm looking forward to catching up on your posts when I get back! xxxx

  11. Such beautiful pictures, it finally feels like Spring is here after such a long winter. Your brightly coloured patches are so cheery. Sarah x

  12. Love your blanket - fab colours as usual xxx

  13. You're right! I've just looked out of my window and even though there is blossom, blooms and greenery, the trees still look as though they are in depths of winter! What a wonderful place to snuggle down and continue with your blanket. I love this design! Take care. Chel x

  14. It's going to be stunning. I love all the different colours. xx

  15. A wonderful blog with lots of pretty crochet projects. I come back soon.


  16. a lovely granny patch in the making I see! enjoy the spring, Heather x

  17. I have had this idea in my head for a while now as an Elmer blanket for little children ... lovely to see your made up I must have a go!
    Heather x


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