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Wednesday 25 September 2013

Birthday treats

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who sent me birthday messages this last few days. It means a great deal, and is made all the more special because despite not knowing me personally, you have thought to share such sweet sentiments.......x x x x 

I had a lovely day, nothing extravagant, just precious time spent with my family. A lunch date with my parents, where we shared much laughter whilst indulging in some yummy food. I don't know about you but as I get older time with those closest to me is more important than anything else. More than cards and presents, just time to all be together. 

I was spoilt though, not least with the 
lovely blooms you see pictured above.... 

.....and some scrummy new yarn.

Rowan Purelife Organic Cotton in 
the most delightful shades.....

....10 balls of SMC Extra Soft Merino Cotton, as well as a 
couple of balls of Rowan Pure Wool DK 
thrown in for good measure.

As you can imagine, I am now
in Yarn Heaven *sigh*

This hand stitched journal from Paperchase is very cute.
I'm so looking forward to using it!

My sister very kindly gifted me some more
crafty bits and bobs, as well as a gorgeous
scarf to add to my ever growing collection.

All in all I am one very lucky
and very grateful lady

x x x x x x x


  1. What gorgeous yarn, such pretty colours. I have yarn lust now!

  2. Happy birthday, Sharron. I'm glad you had a nice day. :)

  3. simply beautiful yarn and journal! I wonder what you will make, a nice soft scarf perhaps?! enjoy, Heather x

  4. You lucky lady! Those presents are perfect. I am going to have to go to Paperchase to have a look (I do love a journal!). xx

  5. Beautiful flowers and gorgeous colour yarn.

  6. Happy Birthday!! Nice to hear you had a good time with your family. With flowers and yarn, I am envious!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you!! Wow - there is some seriously gorgeous yarn there in the most beautiful, harmonious, soothing colours. Yummy. x

  8. I am really happy that your birthday was made so enjoyable dear Sharron! Love your new yarn, and your flowers are bloomin' lovely! That is a very lovely journal and I'm sure you'll have a lot of pleasure using it! I definitely agree with you - time spent with your dear ones is the best!
    Warm hugs,
    Joy xo

  9. Ooh lucky lucky you! Your new yarn is so gorgeous, the SMC/Rowan Pure Wool combo is about exactly the colour mix I'm looking for to make a big snuggly shawl, so beautiful! Can't wait to see what you'll make :-) xxxx

  10. A late birthdaywish from the Netherlands!
    Can I just say that I love the colorful pictures on your blog!

  11. Happy Birthday Sharron, I am so pleased to hear that you had a lovely day in the end. Your blooms are marvelous and oh my all that gorgeous Rowan yarn, I feel just a tad green with envy. I am sure you are going to create something very beautiful out of it. The journal is so sweet and what a special gift. May you have many more happy returns lovely lady. xoxo

  12. Happy Birthday to you! What wonderful gifts. That organic cotton yarn looks absolutely divine! Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  13. I agree that time spent with family is priceless and as I get older the more I enjoy them.......long gone are the years that I would beg to be on another planet...........some would say that I was already on one! From one procraftinator to other....enjoy xxxx

  14. Oh gosh, you will have fun with all that! Hope your year is as colourful and comforting as your new yarn:)

    Jenn @JennsCraftyWorld

  15. Oh my goodness. That * Life's a peach * bowl......and the yarn..so utterly beautiful! I imagine you'll have hours of joy in your future :)

  16. With all that beautiful yarn your birthday was really something special. Hooray for you, love all of it.

  17. Happy belated Birthday! What gorgeous birthday treats!!! I so look forward to seeing what you create using those gorgeous yarns! Helen x

  18. Happy (belated) Birthday - although it's lovely to spend time with people I have to say WoW look at those presents! The colours of yarn are really lovely, do you have any plans for them yet?

  19. Happy Birthday Sharron!....Such pretty flowers and beautiful yarn...I think these would be my perfect presents...I love Rowan Purelife too...the shades are gorgeous and your hand stitched journal is just lovely...
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x

  20. Gorgeous gifts - you are loved! Have fun with your gorgeous yarn! Sam x

  21. Mi nombre es Sandra, soy Argentina y soy fanática de tu blog. me encanta !!!!

  22. You got some great presents!! Enjoy! Curious what they'll turn into...

  23. Hi there, I'm Sofija from Serbia and I just found your blog yesterday. And guess what? I already read all of your posts! You really brought some colour in this Autumn. I will continue to read everything you write and enjoy your beautiful pictures. Happy crocheting to you!

  24. Hello,
    I just found your blog and am so glad I did. The yarn combinations are gorgeous and I know they will become something just beautiful. I would love a gift of any of them. Happy belated Birthday.
    Michele from Indiana,USA


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