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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Ambient light

Dear readers, you may remember back in July I wrote about finding the most amazing woodland retreat not too far from home, namely Rushmere Park. I absolutely fell in love with the place and couldn't wait to return to witness the awesome transformation from Summer to Autumn. 

I was so excited on the short drive from home, conjuring up images in my head of the wondrous sights awaiting me. The trees were sure to be making their transition from green to gold to red, and every hue in between. I couldn't wait to stroll amongst the enormous canopy again, and to enjoy the crunch of leaves underfoot. Care to take a walk with me?

Oh it was such a joy to explore, and I spied an abundance of cute creatures on route too. There were squirrels galore, whom sadly never stood still long enough for me to get a decent picture. Mr Robin Red Breast on the other hand was more than happy to oblige. Isn't his rotundness just adorable? 

I love, love, love this time of year. Any excuse to get wrapped up in scarf, hat and gloves, boots on, camera round neck, I'm there! There's something so enchanting about the landscape this time of year.

And the sky, the wispy white clouds set against a sea of blue. 
It's just magical.......

The cherry on top is coming home, popping the kettle on for a nice hot cuppa, lighting some candles, and cosying up with some crochet in my favourite corner. 


x x x x 


  1. I'd be happy too ! You have taken such beautiful pictures, it looks quite wonderful. Lovely.
    Kate x

  2. I couldn't agree more with you. Thank you for shring your wonderful pictures with us.

  3. Thank you for inviting us to walk through the park Sharron, you've taken some great photos, especially little robin (I love robins). Rushmere Park looks beautiful. There seems to be a blaze of autumn colour everywhere at the moment that, sadly, probably won't last much longer, but you've certainly captured some of it today! Have a fun weekend. Jane x

  4. The light is wonderful this time of year for taking pictures. Your pictures are fabulous. You capture the colors so well. Your indoor pictures are also fantastic. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  5. Yes, some very lovely scenery! I enjoy your blog, your adventures, your projects! Just wanted to let you know!!

  6. Lovely autumnal pictures! That robin looks very friendly. I see he's been ringed so someone's keeping an eye on him! xx

  7. What a happy day....there is nothing nicer than going on a great walk and comming back to a cozy house....

  8. Beautiful photos of your walk. The candles and the crochet blanket looks so cosy.

  9. Thank you for this enchanting walk Sharron; your pics are beautiful and I so love little robin redbreast and his little round belly - isn't he just the sweetest little thing! Your lovely candles look so inviting on the window ledge (sill), and then there's your gorgeous blanket - how nice it would be to sit and have a nice cosy chat and culpa with you after that lovely walk! Hugs, Joy xo

  10. Hi There,
    The photos you took are amazing. I am intrigued by the little robin, very cute.
    I can only imagine the nice crisp clean air while you walk...sigh! We are heading into Summer and the humidity here has already hit and it is not pleasant. Bring back the cool nights, hot cuppas and the 'rugged up' feeling...sigh.

  11. Sharron, that sounds like a perfect day to me. A beautiful walk, being with nature, then coming home to a cozy and warm house. Thank you for taking us along,

  12. Great, great pictures. Just candy for the eyes and for the soul. Thanks for the tour. 💜

  13. Thanks for the glorious walk through the woodland. For me there is something so magical about being under a canopy of trees and smelling the woodland scent that you can't smell anywhere else. It truly looks magical. How lovely and cosy your home looks too, it certainly does feel good to get back indoors after a lovely walk in this chilly weather. Beautiful photos and lovely post. Xoxo

  14. If I had on the next to my house these landscapes I think that I make a walk all days in the morning and always! you give me great envy! hahaha! everything is so nice ... I love the trees and where I live there is no forest ... there are many fruit trees and everything is artificial, cultivating farmers. I love the woods ... and you give me great joy with these images ... this is so pretty! the photos are very nice! thanks for sharing this experience! I wish you to spend a good weekend, Annie!

  15. Beautiful photos, I love the one of the water with the reflections of the skt and trees. Nothing better than a cold crisp day walk all wrapped up and settling back home with a brew and some crochet. A perfect afternoon x

  16. I love the low lying sun through the trees and I love going home afterwards with clean air in your lungs and snuggling with a cup of tea. A gorgeous walk Annie. xx

  17. Hi Sharon, Enchanted indeed!!!! Magical also comes to mind!!! The transformation is truly magical, don't you think!!! Have a glorious weekend!!!

  18. Hi, I always love your photos and these did not disappoint. I feel like I went on the walk too. Jox

  19. What a wonderful day, take care Sam xx

  20. I was hoping you'd take us back to Rushmere Park, your pictures are amazing and I can almost smell the leaves and the Autumn woods... And what a perfect cosy corner you have! That last picture makes me want to start another Giant Granny, how I love your colour combination! Out of curiosity, do you ch1 between the 3dc's? And ch2 in the corners? Have a lovely weekend!
    p.s. I wonder what Rushmere Park will look like in the snow ;-) xxxx

    1. Hello sweet lady, how lovely to know you've been inspired by my giant granny. It appears you are very intuitive, as you have guessed correctly, there is indeed a chain between and two on the corner!! :) I will definitely be returning to Rushmere in the snow, whenever it decides to make an appearance....*happy smile* xxxx

  21. Your pics from your walk are beautiful Sharron...especially the one of the little robin perched so perfectly there for you!
    Love those cosy pics in the candle light too...
    Happy New Week,
    Keep warm,
    Susan x

  22. What a lovely post. Your photos are really beautiful, you've captured the colours and light of autumn so well. I love the shot of the robin. And yes, coming home to warmth and cosiness is the reward for all that fresh air and exercise. x


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