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Tuesday 28 July 2015

Happy inside

It sure has been a soggy start to the week. I've been desperately trying to dodge the showers. Never quite sure whether to risk putting my washing out to dry. One minute sun, next minute rain. 

Thankfully Saturday was the best day of the weekend, so I decided to pop along to Fibre East, a short drive from home in Ampthill. I wandered amongst all the lovely stalls passing a very pleasant few hours. I had a limited budget but still managed to stretch it, coming away with a smile on my face and a bag full of goodies. More about those next time. 

I've been busying myself in the kitchen with a bit of baking. I've been really lazy on the cake making front, so thought it was high time my Mason Cash mixing bowl saw the light of day. I'm sure most of you know Bake Off is back next week. Should be a good watch.....

The batch of 12 cupcakes I made with buttercream icing and sprinkles were gone in no time. My first attempt at using a piping bag was a complete disaster. In fact it was laughable. Let's just say I'm blaming the tools. It's not what they look like that's important though eh? I certainly enjoyed one or two or maybe three....

I'm flitting between lots of crochet projects at the moment. I've even been working on a scarf! Yes you heard right, scarf making in July. Well it'll take me till Christmas to finish it so I may as well get a head start. 

I've been playing around with a gorgeous palette of Stylecraft Classique Cotton too. Do you remember some time back I showed you this motif I was tinkering with? I thought it might be nice to see it worked up in some brights. I can't help but think of starburst sweets when I look at the colours together. I'm salivating.....

Thank you all so much for always leaving me lovely comments, and welcome to all those new faces that have joined me here in recent weeks. I'm glad you still stop by despite my sporadic posting xxxxx


  1. I love it when your post arrives in my inbox. i was lucky enough to be sitting here when I heard the familiar 'bing' of an email arriving. Your posts, the fact that you are human (and yes - piping tools are there to sabotage) and all the colours always make me smile. I then spend time wading through your site getting inspiration, feeling envious and drinking my coffee. Thank you.

  2. I've been following your blog for a while now with great pleasure. What a beautiful colorful message. I like lots of colors, they make me happy. Especially now in the gloomy summer days where the sun gives way to rain. What your cupcakes look delicious ... njammie !!! Also, your blanket looks beautiful!

    Have a nice week, Tinne

  3. Love your blog. Enjoy cake or cupcakes this rainy season makes them worthwhile. Enjoy your week.

  4. I always enjoy you blog and look often, would enjoy trying you cakes too, yum,carolyn.

  5. Ooh, baking and crochet, a lovely combo :-) Stay dry!

  6. That looks delicious.


  7. I'm getting hungry just by watching your pictures ;-)
    The colours of your crochetting look beautiful!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

  8. Gorgeous colours in your crochet!!! I can see why you are enjoying them so much. Hope you keep enjoying your baking. xx

  9. Oh my what a bright cheery piost - thank you I so enjoy reading it xx

  10. Circle inside squares looking utterly gorgeous.

  11. I've never used the Stylecraft cotton before for crocheting. It looks really nice.

  12. Hello, love your blog! It's O.K. to post sporadically - keeps it exciting in my view! I do it too, although not planned that way, as I suspect, neither is yours! You just have to fit a blog in here and then when you have time and as the mood takes you, don't you think? What lovely pics - the cakes look yum and I'm very excited to here that the bake off is back - I had not realised - it's a great programe to crochet to whilst watching:). Loving the crochet pics too - some lovely bright colours to cheer us all up in the absence of the sun! Looking forward to seeing what you got from Fibre East :)
    Kate x

  13. Ohmyword, your circles in squares motif is GORGEOUS! Will you be sharing the pattern? I'm sure I'm not alone is saying I'd love to try it! It's the first 'solid in a solid' I've ever wanted to crochet; You make it look amazing! Also, the baking photos are scrumptious... Thanks again for the beautiful post!

    1. I would also love to know! Is there a pattern?

  14. I didn't realise Fibre East was so close, i'm in Dunstable! wish i'd known that a fortnight ago i would have loved to go! Stylecraft is my favourite yarn at the moment in terms of colours and price! but its the time of year where my hooks stay firmly away until the cooler weather returns!

  15. I really shouldn't have read that at midday, I've just just Josh to wait another half hour for lunch but I may have to change my mind!! I love your circles, the colours look great together. x

  16. Always lovely to see a new post. I am definitely going to get me some of that Stylecraft cotton - gorgeous colors.

  17. Lots of loveliness in your blog full of colour and yumminess.

  18. I love when cupcakes look pretty but I ESPECIALLY enjoy when they taste good ;)
    your motifs are beautiful!

    trish - tales from trish

  19. Great colour in those squares! Like the colours of the sprinkles on your cupcakes!


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