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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Random disclosures

Is there anything more satisfying than a pile of crochet squares waiting to be made into something special?? Hmmm, takes some beating as I'm sure most of you agree?

This pile is a B.I.P. or Bag In Progress to you and me. A happy pile of teal granny squares sat atop some lovely coordinating fabric sourced locally for the lining.

Another bag similar to others I've made here and here. They are a joy to make and I enjoy the whole process from start to finish. I'm more and more drawn to this colour lately for some reason. It is yummy though. 

I'm at the assembly stage, the exciting bit. I'm so looking forward to finishing it and giving it to the lovely recipient. Hence why I'm not showing too much now.

It's exceptionally dull and muggy here today. High humidity is not pleasant. Especially for people with respiratory disease. I can't help but worry about those people, as I reminisce my own Mother's struggle in this type of weather. Not pleasant at all. Sorry for the tangent, but I do have such sympathy for people who suffer in this heat.

We had a wild night last night, thunder, lightening, battering rain. It was nice inside looking out at the drama unfold. But earlier in the evening I had to travel the 20 or so miles back from my Father's home and it was hair raising to say the least.

Still, it afforded me a day to catch up at home. A lazy start, a bit of fruit for brekkie and a read of my favourite magazine. I find when the sun is shining I have an irresistible urge to go out and do something fun. On a day like today I'm happy to chill in my comfy little space called home.

One fun thing I did get to do recently was take a leisurely trip down the Ouse on the local community boat The John Bunyan with Dad. Since Mum passed away we've been making memories, doing simple, enjoyable things together. It's a blessing to be able to while away the hours with him, talking, laughing and remembering Mum.

We took a punt (pardon the pun) and just made our way down to Sovereigns Quay hoping there would be a spare seat or two on board for the afternoon cruise. It turned out to be like a private charter for us in the end, as there was only a smattering of other people on board. And most of them were the wonderful crew of volunteers, without whom the boat wouldn't be the success it is.

Mind you I'm not complaining, as every other time I've seen it it's been very busy, so it felt kinda special to have it practically to ourselves. I think we were just very lucky as it's a popular attraction here in Bedford. 

Well that's a little hello from me. 
My final thought to make you smile.....xx


  1. Dear Sharron, thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. It is comforting that other people have experienced the same loss and are getting along with their lifes, as well.
    The colour of your squares is beautiful, I love making bags, too, they are such a fun project. Best wishes, Viola

  2. Bonito Blog. Felicidades!
    Beautiful blog! Congratulations.
    (sorrry about my English)

  3. Love that colour and the fabric looks beautiful. Look forward to seeing the finished item.

  4. Forgot to say the boat ride looks wonderful.


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