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Monday 19 November 2012

Nature's palette

It was back in the autumn of 2010 that I picked up a hook and began crocheting for the first time, and I have to say I've never looked back. I knew I wanted a creative outlet, and crochet seemed like the ideal craft. Whilst out walking amongst the trees with my father yesterday, drinking in the wonderful colours of the season, it reminded me of that first foray into the crafting world two autumns ago, and the fledgling steps I took to begin on my crocheting journey. 

I remember thinking 'where do I start?'. All I knew was I needed a hook and some yarn, but what size hook? and what sort of yarn? I didn't have the first clue! So I trotted off to John Lewis in search of the essential items.  I knew as soon as I walked into the haberdashery department, and was greeted with a wall of yarn in every colour of the rainbow, that this was the place for me!  I got so excited browsing the neatly packed little cubbyholes, but the choice was overwhelming! 

Should I go for acrylic, cotton, wool, what? In the end I plumped for some Debbie Bliss Cotton DK in autumnal shades, befitting for the time of year, and a 4mm hook. I'd ordered a couple of books from Amazon, both by Jan Eaton 200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans, and The encyclopedia of crochet techniques, which had already arrived, and I'd spent many evenings watching YouTube tutorials for tips.  Little did I realise though at the time, but I was watching US tutorials which meant I was learning stitches in US terms and not UK.  Not a huge deal if you're a seasoned crocheter, but for a beginner it was a big boo boo to make. I'm sure there are a few people out there nodding their heads as they read this?

Still, I persevered and took baby steps.  Each day practising chain stitches, and initially working 'in the round' into a foundation ring using treble crochet.  Oh my, was it hard work? Hard work is an understatement! I really got frustrated those first few weeks, and although helpful, the books were of little use to me as a complete novice.  They may as well have been written in another language, I just didn't understand.  

I'm glad I didn't give up on that first project though, as I have a rather lovely cushion to show for all the hard work. Every stitch painstakingly worked, counting as I went.  Little colourful circles, all framed in cream.

It's far from perfect, and definitely has a homespun look to it. But all the little imperfections are a reminder of just how far I've come in those two years. It really does get easier, and in no time at all you're working stitches without thinking anymore, and patterns you once thought were far too difficult to attempt become easier to interpret.

I definitely think the time of year can subliminally dictate the colours we choose for our projects.  I'm sure many of you are reaching for the reds and greens now that we're heading into the festive season?! I always keep a stash of seasonal crafty bits & bobs handy, as well as the obligatory gift bags to package up those wonderful hand-crafted goodies.

So for anyone reading this that thinks it's too hard a task to try crocheting, STOP! Go pick up some cheap yarn, whatever takes your fancy, and a hook and have a go! x x x


  1. Love your granny cushion, I've not been crocheting very long but I love it and would recommend it to anyone.
    Victoria xx

  2. Hello Sharron

    Having read your post I could not agree more. Many, many years ago I began to crochet only to GIVE UP - big mistake !!!!! this year I began again and I've surprised myself with what I've achieved. To anyone reading this It's NEVER to late to start, and the satisfction you will achieve is worth it.

  3. You have done an amazing job learning this craft and making so many amazing projects. I know for myself I had to learn it several times, and my first baby blanket was a granny that I did not do the double crochet correctly, the whole time! Oh well, it was lovely just the same.
    Have a great day,

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing your experiences. You have done some great work. Your eye for matching colors is wonderful.

  5. Beautiful crocheted cushion and afghan! I started crocheting last December, and love it!! Have a great week! xo Heather

  6. Sharron, I haven't crocheted for ages, but I really know what you mean. I started the patchwork journey last year when I lost my job and thought I was going to go mad. I love crafting!
    Perfection is not what we should strive for; just well made with a lot of love! If it turns out brilliant, then great, but if not, we have probably learned something really important in the process.
    Keep crocheting and keep blogging! Thanks.

  7. Great post :-) I started the worst possible way I think, my boyfriend gave me a book about amigurumi, so I bought a 2.5mm hook and thin cotton, spending hours in front of YouTube (learning too late the difference between UK/US terminology) and oh dear, my fingers HURT and the outcome was a very scary deformed bunny :S Thank Heavens I soon found Lucy's site and Ravelry! :-)

  8. Oh I did that too, then I had to relearn the stitch names, how confusing! I've been crocheting since 2009 and am completely hooked(LOL). Thanks to the internet and all the fabulous blogs I have learnt a craft which I love, like you!

  9. Beautiful here! I love to read, to see your works and pictures! I had to stop crocheting because my eyes hurts, but I love crochet very much. They brighten any place.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!



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