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Tuesday 27 November 2012

The little things....

Isn't it funny how sometimes the smallest things can make you deliriously happy? Take for instance, the lovely MemeRose blogged recently about the new book 'granny chic' being available in the UK at 'The Works' for the  princely sum of £5.99, so at the earliest available opportunity I hotfooted it down to my local branch for my very own copy.  Whilst there I spied a few other little bargains too, which pleased me no end. I ended up with £60 worth of books for less than £20!!  I really do love a bargain, which is no secret to my friends and family. After all, times are tough and we could all do with saving a few pennies here & there, right? So you can imagine my glee when MemeRose kindly gave the heads up on where to buy this lovely new book for a steal.

Now, I think it only fair to offer up my 'steal of the week', so all you lovely people can take advantage if you so desire?!! 

So here it is......... 

The WI's Vintage Teatime. It only cost £2.99. Yes, you read that right, £2.99. It's worth that just for the gorgeous cover, if you ask me! Inside you'll find lots of lovely recipes from savoury teatime treats to biscuits & bakes , in addition to yummy pictures to salivate over. Why not grab yourself a copy?!! 

You can tell I'm easily pleased can't you? :)

It's the simple pleasures that give me the greatest satisfaction.  

Like playing with piles of colourful crochet........

Like the smell of freshly baked muffins, 
straight from the oven.....

Like collecting a stack of pretty cupcake cases.....

Like drinking tea from your favourite mug.....

What 'little things' make you happy????  x x x x


  1. Very happy you had a good shopping spree! The vintage food book looks good, I might go and have a look for it. Do you realise that we both started to learn to crochet at exactly the same time? All this beautiful crochet in just two years... little things that make me happy - watching the birds in the garden with my morning coffee is high up on the list. Enjoy the rest of your week x

    1. That's a happy coincidence, both picking up a hook at the same time!!! :) 2 years has whizzed by. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Sending my best....x

  2. Ooh what a scrummy looking book!
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria,

      The book is indeed very scrummy! Thanks for stopping by again. I appreciate every comment you've made. Best wishes x

  3. I love a bargain too!
    The little things that make me happy:
    Small children playing;
    the smell of baking;
    when things turn out!
    Have a great week

    1. Oooh, a fellow bargain hunter, love it!!

      I really like your list of 'little things'x

  4. Little things make me happy, Receiving new yarn that I've just bought, and the excitement of beginning another project. The smell of baking, sitting all snuggled up by candlelight in the cold winter evenings. I have that book as part of my Christmas prent.

    Stunning crochet and gorgeous colours.

  5. I love getting bargain books from the works! or any books from any where for that matter... but I'm going to have to keep an eye for that one next time I go into the works.


  6. Finding lovely things in charity shops, spinning at my wheel...so relaxing too and snuggling down in my PJs with a nice cuppa and a crochet hook in my hand!


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