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Thursday 13 December 2012

Christmas, Crochet & Crafty bits & bobs

12 days & counting. Really?!!

Don't you think the days are whizzing by far too quickly? I feel like I'm going backwards, not forwards with preparations. Help!!! I suppose the one saving grace is that the tree is dressed and the decorations are up. One thing I truly hate though is sorting the lights out for the tree. I always endeavour to put them away tidily each year, but I swear the elves get to them and tangle them up, just to infuriate me. Ah well, needs must.

Do you like my little santa pegs above?  My sister gave them to me last year and I have to say they came in very handy. A supply of assorted mini pegs is a real must for any crafter.  They can be used in a multitude of ways.  You can pick them up so cheaply in any number of stationary shops on the high street, or online. Plain or coloured, it's best to have a few of both I think....

I decided to string some jute twine across the mantel, 
to peg some decorations along. 

Crafty & Christmassy all at the same time...

I confess I also have a bit of a thing for East of India and Parlane ribbon. I'd happily buy one of each design, but of course that's not remotely possible, so I just settled for one spool of each. I'm using it very sparingly....

Before I go, I've tried my hand at another of Jan Eaton's blocks from her book 200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws & afghans. Certain patterns jump off the page at me, and one I've been meaning to try for a while is the 'Edwardian Fancy' page 77, block no.88. I suppose I'm known for my love of bright colours, but on this occasion I chose to go with a more earthy palette.

I didn't follow the pattern to the letter, as I wanted a more solid border.  So I adapted it slightly.  I really love the wheel effect in the centre.  I think it would look fab in an array of different colours, don't you?

p.s. those of you who are in the UK, how many of you are watching the finals of Masterchef?  Nail biting stuff eh?! I like all 3 of the finalists, but I must say I'd like Keri to win! Girl power an' all that ;) x x  


  1. I know exactly what you mean about Christmas lights, they never seem to stay neatly organized. I love that block, I could definately see it being a big colorful blanket.

  2. I love your latest crochet square from Jan Eaton's book. It really looks nice in those soft natural colours.
    The Father Christmas pegs are really cheerful! I've finally finished crocheting all my snowflakes and tiny Christmas stockings. I love small things, they grow so quickly!

  3. That's a very pretty square. It's interesting how it starts as a circle and ends up a square.

  4. Love the cute little pegs and your crochet square is beautiful
    Victoria xx

  5. Dear Sharron
    I really like the neutral shades granny square, even though I'm a 'colour' person. I'm looking forward to the Masterchef final too - I would be very pleased if Keri wins. I think Ollie will be amazing given a few more years and Anton could well win...
    We'll have to see!
    Best wishes

  6. Ooh, your mantel looks gorgeous! I still have to put up my tree, eeek! I will do it this afternoon, I will :-) The "Edwardian Fancy" looks great, it seems like a pretty big block. That Jan Eaton's book is on my wishlist! Have a lovely day :-) xxxx

  7. Beautiful neutral colours for your next project. I love your mantel it's stunning. The pegs are adorable, thank you for the idea.

  8. Hello, and pleased to meet you. I just blog hopped over here and am captivated by all the lovely colours! I'm a knitter who is determined to be crocheting very soon so these gorgeous squares are a real inspiration.

    Your mantel decorations look lovely. I'm way behind with the Christmas decorating here.

  9. Hello, I just blog hopped from Mias Landliv blog. Love your projects and your blog is lovely! Did you use cotton yarn for this square? I love the pattern.


    p.s. your colorful circles in a white square patchwork blanket is GORGEOUS!!! I am so inspired to make my own, really really nice :)What type of yarn did you use. I have been thinking of using cotton but I am use to using wool. What would you recommend?

  10. love the blog - so much I have bought myself Jan eaton's book to try and emulate some of your work!


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