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Monday 18 March 2013


I think it's fair to say that over the past few months I've well and truly overindulged on the food front. How many of you are (like me) starting to panic about the impending spring/summer months? With rising temperatures comes the inevitable shedding of layers and exposing of skin, which will undoubtedly uncover the true cost of all those extra portions I've consumed over the winter period. Help..............?!!!! 

I could reconcile all the grazing I've been doing whilst the days were darker & shorter, and the weather miserable, but now the sun is more frequently peeping it's head out from behind the clouds, I'm reminded that there's little time to waste if I want to shed a few pounds.

Thanks to my lovely Mum introducing me to the delights of M&S Jam Bakes recently, I've managed to find a new addiction. I generally do all my own home baking of cakes & biscuits, but I happened to try one of these yummy little bites whilst visiting my parents and that was it, I was hooked. 

Unfortunately I'm not one of those people that can eat what they like and avoid putting on weight. Sadly, I just have to look at a cake and I put on half a stone. A slight exaggeration may be, but truth be told I only have two vices, yummy food & yummy yarn! I don't drink, nor smoke, so I think it only fair that I should be able to indulge in the odd cake or 2, or 3.......

"Everything in moderation Sharron", I hear you cry. You're right, and I shall endeavour to remember that next time I reach for the biscuit barrel. 

One last thought before I go, for those that watch 'One Born Every Minute', don't you just love that bit in the opening sequence when the lovely Linda Abbott, long serving midwife at the LGI say's in her broad Yorkshire accent "we keep calm and eat cake". That was my mantra, guess I'll have to find another one now............
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  1. Oh they look delicious... I too have put on the pounds with the winter months and a new hip to nurse... at least it has given me the time to read all these lovely blogs and finally start one of my own. Happy cake eating .. Sarah x

  2. Dear Sharron
    I am so with you on the cake front (and the putting on weight front too!) How are we expected to be good when there is so much deliciousness out there (or in there, if we have baked it ourselves)? So much cake, so little time!
    Best wishes

  3. Oh Sharon you are such a kindred spirit - I am having a few quiet minutes to my self, reading blogs, simple crochet on the hook, cup of coffee and a nice piece of cake - what more can a women ask for...........

  4. I understand. Food is my weakness, too. I wish we could get that TV show here in the US.

  5. Oh dear! Summer, yes I am with you on that one, trying to keep a cardie on until it is unbearable. The trouble is if it 'is in the house' then I will eat it. No will power at all, absolutely none, no way no how! And now I will dream of those lovely M&S cakes. Hmmm, maybe a bit late to work tomorrow! Take care. Chel x

  6. Keep calm and eat fruit just doesn't have the same ring to it ... stick to the cake I say :)

  7. Oh Sharron, you have my sympathy for I only need to THINK about food and the weight goes on! Those little cakes look so tempting and resemble the 'macaroons' recipe from the old BE-RO book; I bet your Mum has it!
    Sharron, I want to thank you once again, for your inspirational blog site has encouraged me to start my own blog and perhaps you'd like to take a look? There are still a few odds and ends that I need to iron out but I'll get there if determination wins the day!
    Hope you have a wonderful day. Joy x

  8. OOOh I love my sweet treats too, my muffin top says it all!! My name is Sam amd I'm a sugar/yarn addict. Lol xx love your photo mosaics - M&S should use them for their jam bake packaging.

  9. The so called spring weather is not helping me to not eat cake. Did that come out right? So as its another grey, damp and cold day, I think it a good reason to go and make a chocolate cake. Well, it was requested by my son and you can't keep a boy wanting, especially chocolate cake!
    On a crochet note - you have a fantastic eye for colour, thank you for all the inspiration! I look forward to your posts each week.

  10. me too! i find it hard to deprive myself of food, so this week I am stepping up my leisure centre visits, hard to stay motivated! anyway have to go there now!! Heather x

  11. I can't eat cake, it is so sad, not sugar for me so I will just have to drool at the pictures.

  12. I heard some "expert" say you should only have cake about once a week!!!! I know impossible and quite frankly ridiculous. A little treat everyday is good for the soul and lets face it if your souls happy then so are you! Well that's what I work on.
    Like you though I'm feeling the need to get fit for the summer months so have thought about doing a bit of running..........oh it's raining.......cuppa and cake it is then LOL! By the way I'm absolutely drooling over your beautiful crochet photographs, just stunning.


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