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Friday 28 June 2013

New yarn, new ideas, new inspiration

Happy Friday 
Dear Readers 
x x 

I'm happy to report all is well here at 'Annie's Place', Wimbledon is in full swing and I've got everything crossed Mr Murray can pull something out of the bag this time around. Young Laura Robson is through too, which can only be a good thing for British Tennis. Here's hoping......

I've had a most welcome arrival on my doorstep this week, some new yarn to play with!! My little box of delights contained some softfun from Scheepjes. It's a 60% Cotton / 40% Acrylic mix, which as the name suggests gives a very soft, snuggly texture. It comes in a range of colours, I'd definitely like to sample the full palette! I have a few ideas whirring round my head, one of which is a fairly simple circle in a square motif. I'm thinking of writing up a tutorial for those who may want to try it?! 

I've made real strives recently to get out and about, breathe some fresh air and stretch my legs. It's  been immensely beneficial in many ways. I've been led by the proverb 'seek and ye shall find', and boy have I found some beautiful places on my travels. I promised myself I would become better acquainted with the local area I grew up in, and I've not been disappointed. 

The Three Locks at Stoke Hammond is a lovely spot. Situated on the Grand Union Canal, it offers visitors the opportunity to see a fully functioning 3 tier lock system in operation, with the added bonus of having a lovely pub restaurant right next door. Dating back to the early 1900's, it's full of character and is the perfect setting for a meal or drink with family and friends.

And look what just happened to be ascending the locks the day I visited. This lovely vessel adorned with pretty flowers. I nervously watched as it negotiated each flight, slowly slowly making it's way to the top. Traversing this canal must take nerves of steel, there wasn't much room for this barge I can tell you! 

Before I go I just wanted to mention these cute little note cards from Abacus, I picked up on a recent trip to a local garden centre. Yes, garden centres seem to sell everything these days! As some of you already know I have a fetish for cute cards and gift wrap, and these are no exception. I just love the photography on these. I can't tell you how much I wish I owned those shelves and everything on them!! Very country chic don't you think? 

Right, better scoot Andy will be 
walking onto Centre Court soon, 
can't miss it.....!
till next time
x x x x 


  1. Such a beautiful pictures! Congratulations for your blog. Love visiting it..! So good for the eyes :)

  2. Gorgeous pictures as always! Love the yarn!


  3. I love walking by the canal I find it so relaxing, it's all the water! and I love looking at the boats, so people really make a real effort with their boat to look nice. Nice looking new wool, enjoy, Heather x

  4. Hi Sharron...Love the colours of your new yarn...I'm sure you'll create something beautiful with it.
    Lovely pic of the barge with the flower tubs I've been on the locks when I was young and found them a bit scary when all that water starts pouring in!..Love the thought of gently drifting along though on a summer's day...
    Happy Weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S Yippee...Andy won!

  5. Lovely yarn, lovely photographs, and yeah Andy has just win x

  6. Love that yarn. I like cotton with a bit of acrylic is stops it being string like and adds a loftiness. Can't wait to see your project. Jo x

  7. What gorgeous shades you've chosen there. As a novice crocheter I welcome all tutorials, I need them. I am also loving wimbledon, it's been great fun so far this year. x

  8. Dear Sharron - I've really enjoyed looking at your lovely pics and reading up on your out-and-about adventures again - you have so many wonderful places around you ... ... another wave of homesickness arises only to be banished to the depths - until the lotto comes up!
    I love your new yarn and am looking forward to seeing it in its new beautiful form after you've worked your magic on it!
    Have a happy relaxing weekend,
    Joy xx

  9. I love the colours of your new yarn and I would definitely welcome the tutorial for the circle in a square block.
    Sally x

  10. Nice to see a new post from you, Sharron. I hope you're having a good summer.

  11. Ooh that yarn looks gorgeous! And that flowery barge is so pretty, it makes me long for my usual bike rides along my hometown's river in summer... Unfortunately it just doesn't stop raining over here! The wheather even influences my crochet, I find myself making wintery projects. A slouchy hat and a woolly poncho, and it's almost July! Happy weekend to you :-) xxxx

  12. Love the yarn, such fun colors and the Locks are so fascinating. You live in such a beautiful place.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  13. Gorgeous new colours to work your new circles pattern! I just love that bird's eye view of the flowery barge!

  14. beautiful photos of the locks!

  15. Hi Sharron,Nice to have you back!!!Just love your new yarns and the colors are beautiful!!!Can't wait for the tutorial!!!The boats are amazing!!!I love the splashes of color from the plants on the deck!!!Loving Wimbledon and will be watching the F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday!!!My favorite sport!!!Have a great day!!!

  16. I love that barge Sharron, I could quite easily be very happy on there negotiating the locks, the crochet would have to put down though! Have a wonderful week. Chel x

  17. I love squaring the circle and recently made Little Woollies pattern for which she used sc in her rounds- so lovely. Your colours are so crisp!

  18. Ohhh, you and I must be on the same wave length as I'm in the process of completing a circle in a square blanket for a new baby. Predominantly white with bright circles .... I'm loving it so far. The new yarn looks delicious!

  19. What great colours you have chosen yarn-wise! So pretty. Love those houseboats. I enjoy how much personality each owner gives their home on the waves.

  20. Live the yarn and your pictures are such a delight to te eye :)

  21. Hi, I am from Australia and wondering how and where to get this wool. Thanks

    1. Hi there, not sure whether the brand have stockists in Australia.
      Feel free to message them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scheepjeswol/640505792644757

      Just post your enquiry in English, I'm sure they'd be happy to advise you further x


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