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Thursday 20 June 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

As you all know I'm pretty crazy for all things crochet! My pile of wips is ever increasing, and the instant gratification I get when I see everything stacked up together is immense. Layer upon layer of hooky heaven. Ahhhhhh, so satisfying. 

I feel a real sense of achievement, knowing I've managed to create something that will hopefully be enjoyed for many many years to come. Something my family can keep that has been lovingly made by me, and that will be around long after I've gone. I know that sounds a little morbid, but isn't it lovely to be able to leave something so personal behind, every stitch painstakingly worked? I think so.

In actual fact I was asked by a very sweet lady whom I had a chance meeting with earlier this week 'what do you do with all the crochet you make?'. My answer was simple. 'It just covers my home, making me happy!' 

The lady I speak of is Kate, the proprietor of the very lovely shop you see pictured above Matilda Bay. I was having a mooch around one of my most favourite villages Woburn, yet another chocolate box place in the heart of Bedfordshire full to bursting with lovely things to see and places to visit. You may well have heard of the Abbey or the Safari Park, two of the many fantastic attractions in this picturesque Georgian village. 

Kate will be celebrating quite a milestone in September this year, her 20th Anniversary since the shop first opened it's doors. She has a very enviable position right on the Market Place, and her store is filled to the rafters with gifts to suit everyone's budget.  

As soon as I walked in I was met with a smile, and the array of goodies on display was a feast for the eyes. I browsed a while, both upstairs and down. See, there's a lovely spiral staircase to the rear of the shop that leads down to a basement where you will find lots more treats to tempt you.

She even stocks some of the Cinnamon Aitch notebooks that I spoke 
about in my post here, back at the start of the year.

She was kind enough to allow me to take some snaps of her wares for the blog, (albeit very surprised that I'd want to) and I told her of my love of crafting, in particular crochet. She was very warm and happy to chat for a few moments between customers. As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed my visit there, and came away with not one, but two gorgeous new scarves. I seldom treat myself, but I just couldn't resist the urge to take them home with me! They are a must have accessory after all, right? So why not pop in and see all that Kate has to offer! You won't be disappointed.....  

It definitely gave me a reason to be cheerful....

back soon
x x x x x x x x  


  1. I was interested to read the response, to the lady in her charming gift shop at Matilda Bay, when she asked you what you did with all your crochet work! I actually give a lot of mine away as presents: blankets, pillows, flowers and hearts and doilies, so that friends and family have a little bit of hooky goodness to cheer up their homes and warm their hearts! I wouldn't have the space in my home to keep everything I make!
    I loved seeing all the goodies you can buy at that little shop!

  2. Hi Sharron,I feel the very same about my crochet goodies!!!They just brighten up life with their bright and happy colors!!!And they really are pieces of art to be treasured!!!I have a blanket here that my Mom made before I was born, so it is well over 50 years old and it doesn't look like a old blanket!!!And it's constantly in use!!!Hope you have a happy weekend!!!

  3. Now that is my kind of shop! Definitely good reasons to be happy!
    Hugs, Shari

  4. Looks great, maybe she was trying to see if she could stock some of your crochet creations? I am on commission work at the moment and it is a good motivator to get stuff finished! Jo x


  5. i love to see how one stitch stacks up to a row to a project to a friend as a gift.

  6. Ah I was hanging out for your post Sharron!
    Wow, look at all that beautiful crochet - and in a relatively short space of time - you have good reason to be happy about it - lovely job well done!
    I would love a few hours in that shop - utterly gorgeous. It's good to see you are getting out and about and investigating - and that you share your finds with us, thank you!
    Hope your weekend is great!
    Joy xx

  7. What an amazing shop, I bet you enjoyed yourself and I am glad you treated yourself. You deserve it.

  8. Hi, having started crocheting again after many years, I decided to make a blanket.
    I was going to give it to my mum,but I know when it's finished I will want to keep it for myself.
    After reading your post, I knew that's exactly what I want, to cover my home with crochet and be happy.
    Sally :) x

  9. I agree with you on leaving something after yourself..like crochet things! they look so homely, don't they? perfect for family to have good family time under a blanket and on the pillows!
    The Kate's shops is wonderful, I wish we has such here :) May be I'll ope one?;)

  10. Congratulations on your new scarves, a girl has to treat herself sometimes, right? :-) If I lived any closer I would definitely visit that sweet little shop, I would not have left empty handed either! :-) xxxx

  11. Oh dear, your wips are drool worthy!

  12. What a wonderful shop ... love your wips so colourful ~ Sarah x

  13. Yes, it's a lovely shop. Woburn is a lovely place too, we often drive through the deer park. Don't worry, you can never have too many scarves. Well, I hope not, I have lots more than 2 anyway...

    S x

  14. what a lovely shop - thank you for sharing and I adore a house full of crochet treasures x

  15. Lovely stacks indeed! Wow!

  16. Wow, Sharron!...Your lovely crochet looks divine piled up there! I agree too that it's really special to have something that was made by a loved one...I have lots of my mum's knitting and can always feel the love and energy she put into everything!
    Love the shop (and the name!)...I'd love to have a browse around...so many gorgeous things!
    Happy new week,
    Susan x

  17. Hi! Just wanted to thank you for the vibrant splash of color!! You know what it does for us crocheters. What a lift!!!

  18. I love your work. The colors are awesome. Please tell me how I can get your patterns. I would love to make some things.


    Melanie from Texas, USA

  19. Brava Annie e grazie per tutti i tuoi suggerimenti
    ciao Stefania

  20. Hello Sharron, Yes, a very lovely shop indeed. I would love to visit it. It is also very lovely to have a house full of pretty crochets. Have a lovely Summer. Hugs Judy

  21. I love those scarves! I never wear one unless I am at least walking in snow but maybe I need to get a summer scarf after all..will have to look for one..or make it? Thanks for sharing your visit.

  22. That's such a lovely shop :) I would love to visit it - but it's a little bit to far away from me ;) So it's really nice to have the possibility to visit it via your blog.


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