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Tuesday 16 July 2013

Park Life

I'm sure it hasn't escaped the notice of all the overseas visitors to 'Annie's Place' that the UK has been basking in sunshine this past few weeks. Being of the fair & freckly persuasion I have to be ultra careful not to get sun burnt, so I inevitably gravitate toward the shade of the nearest tree, with my trusty bottle of Evian by my side. I love the sun, but sadly the sun doesn't love me. With an Irish mother and Scottish father, I suppose I was genetically predisposed.

I'm really enjoying this prolonged spell of hot weather, and have managed to steal a few moments here and there to do some public hooking. That sounds a bit dodgy doesn't it? It really isn't you know!? I filled a bag with yarn, and headed for the park ready to crochet up some more Happy Flower Blocks. I almost had the whole park to myself, just a few dog walkers and me. The colours of the blocks really came to life under the dappled light of the trees. It was pure pleasure to be outside, in the sun, surrounded by yarn, trees and birdsong. Bliss.

The forecasters are saying this dry spell could last for a number of weeks yet, so I plan on making the most of it. One place that definitely warrants a visit is Rushmere Country Park. It really was by pure accident that I came across this place, and I'm so glad I did. 

Set high on a hill in the village of Heath & Reach is this wonderful woodland paradise. It's a really magical place, where you can escape for hours under the enormous canopy of trees. I'm almost reluctant to share it with the world, as it's really unspoilt and relatively quiet. Considering the blistering heat we've been afforded, I would've thought it would've been over run with people. The only indicator to those that had found this secret spot was the visitors book, that had been signed by people from all over the place, from Europe and beyond. So why oh why didn't I know about this place?!

Truth be told, one of the volunteer guides whom I spoke to said that very few locals even know of it's existence, as this part of the Stockgrove Estate has only been open to the public since 2011. There is a thriving heronry there also, and I had the privilege of viewing them nesting with their young through the telescope, positioned on the decking at the visitor's centre. 

A cafe has recently been opened, with seating inside and out, serving an array of refreshments. It overlooks the most spectacular vista.  The staff are super friendly, and I was happy to support their fledgling venture by purchasing some tea and cake (*cough cough* like I need an excuse). It's only £2 to park for the whole day, and with hundreds of acres to explore it's a great place for picnicing, or a nature ramble with the kids. I think you can tell I'm pretty enamoured by this place! 

One last thing I must mention. I was so tempted to have a sneaky go on that slide you can see pictured above. It looked like so much fun, but was strictly prohibited to big kids like me. How very boring I say!!

Well, I'll stop jabbering and 
thank you for reading.

I'm really glad you stopped by.....

x x x x x 


  1. That's a beautiful place and thanks for showing the beautiful pictures. The cake looks delicious and I think they should have a slide for big kids, too. HA!

  2. That slide looked like fun the moment I saw it! Too bad you couldn't have a try. I'm hoping for you that your little paradise isn't "discovered" by the rest of the world anytime soon :)

  3. Brilliant post Sharron - I did enjoy Rushmere Country Park - what a wonderful peaceful place to be and I'm so glad you had opportunity to visit and gain so much pleasure from it - and then pass it on! Such a pity you couldn't sneak a quick go on that slide - I'm sure it wouldn't have hurt anybody!!!
    'Twas lovely to catch a glimpse of your own wee things gathered around you in your local (almost private on that day) park! Your shoes are pretty, and your scarf and bag, and of course your crochet - it's coming on a treat - love the colour combos!
    Keep enjoying your lovely weather - under shade! I know the feeling well!
    Joy xo

  4. How lovely to take your crochet to the park! Yes, it is glorious to be outside and crochet, isn't it? I do the same on my balcony!
    That park looks such a beautiful place to visit!

    Annie, I wanted to ask you about the Catania cottons you use for your projects. You give the link in German with no English (or French) translation. Do you order from Germany? I found a French link with Catania but I'm not sure if it's the same cotton as the price and label don't quite correspond. Here's the link: http://www.artdufil.fr/
    This cotton is called 'nomotto'. Do you think it corresponds to the one on the German link which is called: 'original'?

    I prefer a site in English or French so I know what I'm doing!
    Thank you! Sandra

  5. A perfect day for crochet, and s perfect place! I can imagine sitting under those trees, or on the grass, and just meditating over a new project...How good it is! Thanks for sharing such lovely photos with us :)

  6. Enjoyed stopping a while to soak up the sunshine and see your beautiful blanket. Thanks JO x

  7. What a wonderful place. I would have been tempted by the slide too! xx

  8. Oh, look at that lovely yarn all stashed up. It's great to crochet outdoors right? I even took some yarn with me to Greece last year when the husband and me went island hopping. The looks at the ferry and swimmingpool were rather hilarious ;-) And I know about sun and fair skin, I have red hair and also a fair complexion: so SPF30 and shade for me too!!

  9. What a lovely place to visit. Thanks for taking me.

  10. The hooky in the park does look like bliss indeed and the colourfulness is gorgeous! I'm very local to you and I'd never heard of Rushmere either. I have to confess that we might well check it out now though. But don't worry, I won't tell any one else ;)

    S x

  11. What a beautiful park, and I love your blanket.

  12. What as lovely summery post, I am catching freckles at the moment too. It's so nice to finally be getting some seasonal sunshine here. The woods look beautiful and that cooling shade so tempting. I'd have gone on the slide, then again I'm always the first on the swings too .... you're never to old for the park ~ Sarah x

  13. Hi Sharron, yes I work in Leighton Buzzard sometimes and drive through Heath and Reach to get there but didn't know of this park. Thanks for an idea for the school hols - will pack up a picnic and take the kiddies for a jolly!! Would like to go to Woburn lido again but boy does it get busy in good weather when the children are off! Take care, sam xx

  14. thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures! your Hookie looks fantastic! lol!

  15. I think if there is no one around you need to slide down that beautiful slide, it looks like fun. Glad you are getting out and enjoying the beauty of nature.

  16. So, so beautiful and so glad you are enjoying some lovely, summer weather!! Your squares are so pretty!! Have a wonderful day! xo Heather

  17. love your post - your images are lovely and I adore your crochet x

  18. A beautiful day! good you can enjoy nature! Your crochet work seems to me wonderful! gorgeous! Congratulations, Sharron!

  19. You made me laugh with the last thing you mentioned, because as soon as I saw that picture I thought how very much I would like to go on that slide! Oh Rushmere Country Park looks like a wonderful, magical place. I have been living in Brussels for 5 years now and I really do miss nature, I practically grew up in the woods. Things will go crazy here this weekend because Sunday we celebrate the crowning of our new king Philippe, I think I'll just follow your example and pack my basket of yarn for an escape to the country :-) xxxx

  20. Sounds heavenly! I love public hooking. I'm always so beguiled by your use of colour. It cheers me up no end. xx

  21. Fabulous! I love crochet and I have many wips on the go..........I can't help it I'm drawn in by colours of Rico essential cotton at the moment! Thank you for sharing your days xx

  22. That park sounds wonderful and how lovely to sit in the shade of a tree and do some crochet...total bliss. x

  23. I had a day off work on Friday and took myself off to my local park for some public hooking too. A perfect way to spend an afternoon if you ask me :)

  24. Hi Sharron...I love the colours in your Happy Flower blocks! I have to sit in the shade too but it looks like a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with your hook and yarn under one of those gorgeous trees (Ooh, that cake looks delicious!)
    Happy Weekend!
    Susan x


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