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Sunday 28 July 2013

Fibre East 2013

Sadly, I've hardly picked up my crochet hook this past week. It's been far too hot for any hooky action, so I've neglected my many projects in favour of more cooler pursuits.

But fear not dear readers, I still have something yarn-tastic to share with you! You see, Fibre East came to town this weekend. Being a hop-skip-and-jump from home, I just couldn't miss it. The venue for this years celebration of all things fibre related was Redborne  Upper School and Community College in Ampthill. 

I arrived in anticipation, excited to see the many exhibitors. I duly paid my £6 entry fee, and made my way inside to explore. 

Even though I had a limited budget, I got so much pleasure out of just perusing each stand, and chatting to the lovely people selling their wares. One of which was the very friendly Helen from Woolly Chic. There was an abundance of yummy yarns to play with, so I took every opportunity to have a good squeeze. What a visual feast it was!

The chance to experience some sheep sheering was an extra treat. It really is an art, and I give the shearers all credit for the way they handle their woolly friends. I can imagine the sheep were quite grateful to lose their coats as it was particularly sticky in the heat.

I really didn't know what to take home as a souvenir of my visit, but after much deliberation I plumped for some Drops Alpaca from Nest, some 4 Ply from Blacker Yarns, and some Wool from The Knitting Gift Shop

I returned home happy, happy, happy!

x x x x x x x


  1. Ohhh! I was drooling at the pictures of all that yummy yarn! It must have been yarn heaven! :)

  2. Oh Sharron you are so lucky!!!! What a treat.

    I wish I could have been there.

  3. What a fab exhibition Sharron and what lovely purchases - I look forward to seeing what you do with them - I expect you have ideas churning around already?
    Have a wonderful week
    Joy xo

  4. Look at all that pretty yarn!! Glad you had a lovely time!! xo Heather

  5. Oh my I would have loved visiting! I wonder why something like that is never organized here in Belgium? Your souvenirs are absolutely scrumptious, enjoy! :-) xxxx

  6. Oh now, that looks like a fun day out! What a gorgeous rainbow selection of yarns on offer. I'm glad to see you brought some souvenirs home with you, I think it's the sort of place I would have to go with a very strict budget. I keep hearing really good things about drops yarn. x

  7. Oh, what fun...and you came away with such lovely goodies! I can't wait to see what you make. Your projects are always so lovely! xo Paulette

  8. Fibre East. To me that is Fibre Feast!!!

  9. So jealous! Waiting for more inspiration... intrigued .......waiting for something in the alpaca, love everything you do . It's always so refreshing xxxxxx

  10. I think I may actually be drooling!

    You've selected the loveliest colours of yarn - I look forward to seeing what you create with them.

    Heather x

  11. Oh wow...I wish I could've been there ... Yummyness everywhere... Love your selection. You Sheba such an impeccable taste. :)

  12. Wow, that is wool heaven, thank you for sharing your day. I love the colours you chose to buy and they compliment each other perfectly in your granny blanket.

    Peg xx

  13. It must have been so hard to decide. Wish I could have been there - maybe next time. Keep us up to date when the next event is please.

  14. Hi,
    Your color selection of Drops Alpaca is lovely. Would you share the color numbers that you selected?
    Off screen it is very hard to determine them.
    Many thanks for considering to share!

    1. Drops Alpaca -
      2916 Dark Lime
      7139 Dark Grey Green
      4010 Pearl Grey
      7120 Light Greyish Green,
      3112 Dusty Pink

      Hope this helps :)

    2. Thank you. It surely does :).
      Much appreciated


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