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Tuesday 13 August 2013

Softfun fun

In the blink of an eye, we're into the 8th month of the year! I confess to suffering a bit of August apathy here at Annie's Place. But maybe that's not such a bad thing?! After all, that's what Summer's supposed to be about right? Taking a more relaxed attitude to things, slowing your pace, enjoying the extended hours of light and the length of each and every day! My body is definitely on a go slow, but my mind is as frenetic as ever. 

I currently only possess a very small collection of crochet books. One of which is Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws & Afghans. I've mentioned this publication on many occasions as it's one of the first books I ever bought, and has become my 'go to' resource for inspiration (when I'm not trawling Pinterest of course). I'm not hugely enamoured by all the patterns on offer in this book, but there are a few stand out one's that I keep returning to. Namely the Willow block and more recently the Edwardian Fancy. 

I've had quite a number of emails enquiring where to purchase it, or asking for the patterns. Of course I can't offer you Jan's patterns here due to copyright, but I have found this website that has a comprehensive listing of places to buy it. Although with so many fantastic free patterns available on the web, you'll have to decide whether it's worth parting with your pennies.

I do have a habit of making minor adaptations to Jan's patterns, to suit my own creative vision of what I want a project to look like. Do you do that? 

I've spent much of this week playing with my lovely Cotton Acrylic mix Softfun Yarn from Scheepjeswol. I decided to just take some of the Lavender colourway, to work up some Edwardian Fancies (block 88, page 77). I only went as far as following the first 8 rounds, and decided to join as I go, slip stitching into the corners and middle point on the sides of each motif. 

The light was pretty bad yesterday so the pics aren't great, but I hope you get the idea? The texture of the Softfun really highlights the detail of this pattern. All this yarn play is thirsty work....... 

............so I think I'll rest my hook for a bit 
and grab a cuppa and a hobnob.

Any takers?

x x x x x


  1. Love your header, so colourful. These squares you're working on look beautiful, I've worked with softfun too, and it's a pleasant yarn to crochet with. Loved to read and look at the pictures of your last post, I wish we had an event like that here in Holland. Groetjes, Gerda

  2. I adore the details you add to your pictures! Love the heart you made with the yarn tail. Gorgeous square and color!

  3. Tea and hobnobs, yes please.

  4. I haven't tuned in for ages, summer makes you want to be outside doesn't it? Love the new colourful summer photos on your header. I am making courgette cake check it out, it is FAB http://joeveryday19.blogspot.co.uk

  5. Jan Eaton's book is really great and I refer to it all the time and I am with you with the tea and hob nobs... especially with the chocolate topping!! The nights are beginning to draw in and I am itching to get my hook out again and start designing the new winter blanket, I just hope I finish by the end of winter. xx

  6. Love the soft lavender shade of that yarn. And yes, I cannot follow a pattern without tweaking it somewhere or other, I'm glad it's not just me! x

  7. Hello I really like your blog! I love reading your posts and vr work! I am using the translator, I hope you understand jejejej.I would like see their pinterest, safe that is very nice, and will have many ideas...Thank you for sharing with all of us...I am writing from Espana.besosnelymar

  8. Yes
    Always changing all sorts of patterns and designs up! Then it becomes more personal... don't you think?
    I love your crochet and that gorgeous quilt!

  9. Hi, only just discovered your blog. Really enjoyed reading though it - you have made some beautiful things - so inspiring.
    I love the yarn you're using on this post - can you tell me where you bought/orderd it from? I'd like to order some - the colour range is fabulous.
    Many thanks

  10. That is so pretty, will have to reconsider that pattern. I bought Jan Eatons book just for the willow pattern after seeing your gorgeous willow crochet blocks.

  11. Lovely yarn and beautiful pattern. I also very rarely follow a pattern to the t.sometimes I tell myself I have to follow it to be more true to the design.... But creativity is a gift and its wonderful to give wings to it... I love your work :)

  12. That must be the bluest of most beautiful blue yarns ever.
    I'm feeling the urge from a few sources now, to do square blanket in one colour, preferably hand-dyed, so there's a nice colour play.

  13. I love the soft colour of that Cotton Acrylic Lavender yarn. It looks lovely made up into the current pattern you're working on from one of Jan Eaton's books.

  14. I'll definitely join you for a cup of a tea and a hobnob Sharron! Time flies by, doesn't it? I'm thinking I should make more of the light evenings as I can already see them becoming shorter...I've just bought this book so I'm going to search out this pattern and your yarn looks lovely,
    Happy Wednesday,
    Susan x

  15. Your new header is beautiful! I absolutely love your Edwardian Fancy, such a pretty colour too. I own very little crochet books as well, the one that's on top of my wishlist now is Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman, perfect for my shawls and blankies, the two things I like to crochet most!
    Thank you for the link to Hobnobs, I had no idea! :D
    Have a lovely week xxxx

  16. Hello - I have just found your blog via Sweetpeafamily. I don't know how I have missed it before!!!

    I love your crochet squares, I agree that book is super.

    Feeling a bit jealous of the hobknob, my kids have eaten every biscuit in the house cheeky things!


  17. Hi again, lovely colour and pattern you are using, I too use Jan Eatons book and always tweaking patterns. Currently working on a multi stripe....make it up as you go blanket for a single sized bed, inspired by little Woolie on pinterest. Have sooo many projects I want to finish by Christmas.........sorry to mention the "C" word there so early but I have to plan by the week what I want/need to achieve......lol loads of handmade goodies edible and not! Keep sharing ! Andrea xxxx

  18. Ola´...sou brasileira e conheci seu blog hoje....fiquei apaixonada pelos seus trabalhos....pena que no meu país não exista cores tão lindas....


  19. Whatever you are making is going to be wonderful! this slightly lilac color of yarn is so soothing for eye.

  20. Your grannies and ripples are just beautiful. I do have a lot of scrap yarn. Thought I was tired of Grannies until coming here. There are so many ways to make a Granny look different from the other one.

  21. Beautiful work as always :) Enjoy the lazy days of summer - the cold weather will be upon us before we know it!

  22. I sigh and my heart swells with joy every time I visit your lovely, exquisite blog. Especially with this post, the color of the yarn is absolutely scrumptious and the motif design equally full of beauty!! Thank you for sharing your stunning talents with the world, it gives one hope and a sense of calm in a very undone world!! <3


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