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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Granny Love

Sometimes easy is good don't you agree? That sounds a bit cryptic doesn't it? Well let me explain my thinking. This thing called crochet that I've become ever so slightly obsessed with over recent years, has really changed my life for the better. No exaggeration. Before I found this outlet I really was a bit lost, creatively speaking.

I suppose if I think about it, I've always had an artistic leaning. Since I was a little girl I've loved to sing and dance and perform (a wee prima donna some might say), and I guess I wish I had pursued that dream more into adulthood. Sadly there just wasn't the opportunities for children where I grew up to nurture that talent, and before you know it you're the wrong side of 30 and your moment has passed. My passion for music, is now only equalled by my love for hook & yarn, and where once I may have wanted to tread the boards in a West End Musical, let's face it; my crafty aspirations are now far more attainable.

Oh dear, I've somewhat strayed from my point. Back on track Sharron! Crochet can be quite a complex craft to pick up, and there's no denying that it can be quite a challenge when you first decide to have a go. I spent quite a considerable amount of time recently trying out more ambitious patterns and new stitch combinations, but do you know what I've found? You really can't beat the traditional Granny Square pattern! It's where most of us started out, and it's what we turn to when we want something easy to work on, right?

So, looky here! I've raided my lovely stash of Drops Alpaca to start on a large Granny square project. I have to confess I wasn't sure about putting the Dark Lime (2916) colourway into the mix, but I think it adds a little bit of zest to the pattern, what do you think? The Alpaca is so unbelievably light and the colours are just gorgeous. The decision to purchase some at Fibre East was most definitely a good one!

I've spent a bit of time sorting through my scarf collection this week too, and came upon the idea that they might look rather nice hung over some old wooden hangers I had lying around. It keeps them neat and tidy, and of course I couldn't resist a little crochet embellishment.

Before I scoot, I'd like to say a big hello 
to all my new readers from far and wide!!!

Lovely to make your acquaintance,
I do hope you enjoy your time here!
 x x x x x  


  1. That Alpaca yarn looks absolutely beautiful and must be a joy to work with. Good idea to put all your scarves on a hanger with that sweet crocheted flower!
    I'm into granny crochet right now too and I'm in a shawl mood - getting ready for the autumn - I think there may be a poncho coming up too!
    Isn't crochet wonderful?!

  2. Very pretty! Granny squares are so therapeutic :-)
    I left a comment on your post below - would you mind sending me a link to the shop that you bought the yarn from....used in your previous post? I've looked on your link but can't find anything English. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Carole, sorry for the late reply to your requests. I actually got the Softfun direct from the Netherlands, but I'm just waiting to hear about potential UK stockists. I assume you're in the UK? As soon as I know I'll post a link. In the meantime you could express your interest on the brand's facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Scheepjeswol/640505792644757. Feel free to comment on their page in English, I'm sure they'd be happy to help x

    2. Hi Sharon, yes, I'm in the UK.
      Thanks very much, I'll check out their FB page.
      I hope someone stocks it in the UK soon.....such a great range of colours - fingers crossed! :-)

  3. I love your colour combination. I agree nothing quite matches the lovely simplicity of a traditional granny square and as it grows the rhythm of just going round and round is just perfect. X

  4. Sharron, I too love the granny square and I taught myself to crochet with the granny square, many years ago. I started crocheting again when we was expecting our first granchild and I made a granny square blanket for him and I have now become a crochet addict and although I have made other bits, I still LOVE the granny square.
    As for your granny square I think the lime gives it a lovely zing.

    Sally xx

  5. Hi,

    das klingt alles sehr Nachdenklich . Obgleich der Google Übersetzter ( translate) auch einiges nicht wirklich ins Deutsch übersetzt.
    Ja es ist schade das nicht all unsere Kindheitsträume in erfüllung gehen können . Egal
    aus welchen Gründen . es ist aber genauso schön
    diese Kinderträume mit zu nehmen ins Erwachenenalter und weiter zu träumen . Das ist
    auch eine Kreativität die nicht jeder hat .
    Mach einfach weiter so . Ich mag die Farben und die vielen schönen Dinge die Du zauberst .

    Ein schönes Wochenende und
    ganz liebe Grüsse


  6. Sharron, I completely understate, I swear playing with yarn in some form or another has saved my life. It makes me sit down and create, and it calms me down when nothing else will. Love your granny, the green looks perfect.

  7. you are so right everyone falls back on the granny. Granny love rules! JO x

  8. Ah, so this is what's becoming of your gorgeous new yarn from Fibre East - and very nice too Sharron! I love the colour combo and think the lime is perfect in there!
    It's sad sometimes how our young aspirations cannot be nurtured due to overall lack of opportunities, but, for as long as you have music in your heart, your spirit will keep singing!
    I too have been completely hooked on crochet these past couple of years or so now, but have also recently fallen in love with 'contemporary' embroidery which uses my hands in a slightly different way, and they appreciate the wee rest that that allows! Of course my hands are a lot older than yours!!!
    Keep on hooking lovely Sharron, you're doing a great job!
    Joy xo

  9. The dark lime works perfect! And the yarn looks sooo soft... Crochet has definitely changed my life for the better as well; it calms me down and it has completely changed my perception of the long, dreadful winters here (well maybe not completely but it definitely has made things easier!) :-)
    Have a lovely week! xxxx

  10. There's nothing like a good old fashioned granny square. Its basic simplicity and rhythm have helped soothe many a troubled soul over the years.

    I like the colours you chose for the blanket and being alpaca it'll be light but oh so warm.

    Nice touch making the flowers to brighten up the wooden hangers.

    Happy Sunday from a rather wet corner of Essex x

  11. granny squares are the holy grail!! love the muted colours, Sam xx

  12. As always you never fail to bring us gorgeous eye candy, I really like your idea of scarves on coat hangers they look really pretty and the crocheted flower finishes it off perfectly. I'm sure they lift your heart first thing when you open your wardrobe door. Can I ask is the bed spread laying with its reverse side up? I have a beautiful throw I bought from Dunhelm mill a couple of years ago, its very cottagey white background with ditsy roses on the front and the reverse side is exactly the same as your background. I love using either side, its so pretty.

    Peg xx

    1. Hi Peg, thanks for your lovely feedback. The bedding is actually called 'Ditsy Lace' from Next's Spring Summer collection. I managed to grab myself a set in their last sale. It is reversible, but I prefer the side with the smaller flowers. A lot of brands inc.Dunelm are doing similar prints at the moment. The ditsy prints are very popular

      Sharron xx

  13. Lime - gorgeous! Crochet - love it! But what a great idea with the scarves! Mine are all folded in a drawer and rarely see the light of day most of the year which is such a shame as there are some beauties in there - pass me a wooden hanger...! Jane x

  14. I love your colour combo especially the lime all bright and zingy. Thank you so much for the tip about scarves - mine all all jumbled in a draw LoL.

  15. Always are he beautiful granny squares! And her granny square good looks! Very good idea to organize your scarves! You have a lovely blog and I love your talent and creativity! kisses from Catalonia!

  16. I agree...Granny is the best! And your roject is looking DELIGHTFUL! The scarf hanger is a great idea. Thanks for sharing :-)

  17. Such pretty colours Sharron. I really like this combination and I think the lime does add that touch of zing.
    Blessings Gail

  18. Sharron, may I ask what colours you are using? It's rather gorgeous!

    1. Hi there, they are as follows

      Drops Alpaca -
      2916 Dark Lime
      7139 Dark Grey Green
      4010 Pearl Grey
      7120 Light Greyish Green,
      3112 Dusty Pink

      Sharron x

    2. Thank you so much. Xx

  19. Beautiful colors and looks so cozy!! Gorgeous scarves!! Happy week to you! xo Heather

  20. Beautiful one Colors are so good.


  21. I always enjoy reading a little more about bloggers youth and I too performed and spent my days on stage singing and acting and yes, maybe it is that need to be creative that is constantly fuelling my days. I absolutely love the dark lime with the rest of those beautiful colours and the yarn looks wonderful to work with. I also have a fetish for scarves and what a lovely way to display them, LOVE! Happy week to you xoxo

  22. Ahhh.......so soothing to look at those lovely soft alpaca colours! I was wondering what you would do with your stash, I'm going to make a granny square scarf with this lovely stuff and matching gloves.....the weather is starting to turn and we will soon want to relish the cold so we can don our winter wares.....I can't wait, so I'm getting stuck into this lovely yarn, my only dilemma is WHAT colours shall I choose?! Keep blogging Sharron you are such an inspiration xxx

  23. Ooh, so lovely Sharron!...Granny squares and alpaca must be a match made in heaven...I now love them both equally although I've loved alpaca for a long time now! Your choice of colours are beautiful and the addition of the lime is a real winner!
    Love the scarves on the wooden hanger with the little crochet flower decoration...so pretty!
    Susan x


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